Moslems of Moscow are shaking according to the “anti-sectarian plan”?

Many of our readers are already aware that last Friday the parishioners of one of the Moscow mosques were humiliated and beaten, including by electric shock, as a result of a raid arranged by the security forces.

Almaz Abdrakhmanov , the representative of the administration of this mosque located on Basovskaya Street, who heads the 7th Generation organization , told the media that during a formal verification of documents, many of her parishioners not only received unmotivated electric shock, but were also forced to listen to insults in the address of your religion.

In principle, such behavior by the security forces itself does not surprise even once – as we wrote earlier on a similar occasion , conducting raids after Friday prayers has long become a bad tradition in Russia. Therefore, it would be possible to perceive this event as quite mundane, however, in this case something makes us think that it is not just about a single raid against a single mosque. 

So, in this case, the raid was carried out against the mosque of the local religious organization “7th Generation”, which is part of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Moscow (DUMM) . And just two weeks ago, it was the DUMM and its head, Ildar Alyautdinov, who were brought to administrative responsibility and fined 30,000 rubles, in particular, for the “release or distribution as part of missionary work of literature, printed, audio and video materials without marking with the indicated name or with incomplete or knowingly false markings. ”  

Shortly before that, the Islamic cultural center “Dar” , headed by Ildar Alyautdinov himself, had been closed , which officially suspended its activities amid inspections by prosecutors. The mufti himself then denied rumors that the closure of his center was due to pressure from the security forces, however, against the backdrop of a series of subsequent events, his assurances do not look so convincing anymore …

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Recall in this regard that at the end of July the official public document of the Russian Orthodox Church called the “Plan of anti-sectarian measures” , in which Muslims in Moscow are also included , was made public. “sectarians,” which must be countered. In this case, are not all these synchronized actions of the security forces fulfilling such a plan in its unofficial, non-public part?

At the very least, it is well known that the Council of Muftis of Russia (SMR) , whose jurisdiction is considered to be the DUMM, is considered in the Russian Orthodox Church, capable of achieving its objectives through the security forces, as a hostile organization, as an alternative to which it has long been trying to impose the so-called The Moscow Muftiate , led by Albir Krganov, completely loyal to her .

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