Muslim Clara sues authorities for forcibly hijab

An American Muslim woman sued the city’s administration and law enforcement authorities after the hijab was forcibly removed from her during arrest.

A resident of Louisville, Clara Ruplinger, participated in a protest against the harsh measures of Donald trump against immigrants and their children. Clara and another 8 people chained themselves to block the elevator in the immigration court building, after which she was detained.

After entering the police station, male employees forced Clara to take off her scarf for a protocol shot, despite her tearful pleas not to do this – the girl tried to explain that she was wearing a hat for religious reasons. Despite this, she was photographed without a headscarf, and then posted a photo on the correctional institution’s website and shown on television, IslamNews reports citing Insider Louisville.

The other day, the attorneys involved by Clara Suha Saeed and Jeremaya Rhys filed a lawsuit on her behalf, indicating that the mayor of the city, Greg Fisher, the pre-trial detention center and one of the police officers as defendants.

Ruplinger is trying to ensure that her photo without the hijab no longer circulates in open sources, and also requires compensation for the moral damage suffered, because the incident caused her humiliation and strong emotional feelings.

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