Muslim family and sexual revolution 

The Prophet Muhammad said: “Women are the other half of men.” Therefore, the unit of humanity is not male or female. Only a man and a woman in the unity that makes them a family (just as the smallest part of water is not oxygen and hydrogen, but their connection). Like Judaism, Christianity and many other religions, Islam claims that the education of a couple by a man and a woman to create a family is a sacred connection, called by the Qur’an “solemn promise”. It must be documented and certified by the marriage contract or legal marriage.

Marriage means dedication of husband and wife to each other, establishes their mutual rights and obligations, as well as in relation to their offspring. Children have the right to legal birth (born legally, to know the father and mother, to communicate with benefit for themselves with both); love care while growing up; to be fed and provided with everything necessary, both physically and spiritually; to receive education and preparation for entry into life for the performance of their duties as mature and useful citizens of their country.

As parents reach old age or for any reason become incapacitated, the religious duty of children becomes to care for them and to satisfy their needs without showing impatience or displeasure. This is, first of all, correct in relation to God. But it is also the insurance of their own future, because the children themselves will grow up, become parents and grow old, needing care from their own offspring.

So family cohesion and the strength of family ties are of paramount importance in Islam. Such unity extends even beyond the confines of the nuclear family along the expanding circles of related ties. The Koran calls them “blood relations.” Being in good relations with close relatives, providing them with friendly assistance and financial support in case of need – all this is both a duty and encouraged charity. Even after the death of the parents, the only thing left is to pray for them, to keep in touch with their friends, if possible, to show respect and offer help when needed.  

In Islam, marriage performs two functions, and they are legitimate only in marriage. The first is to satisfy the desire of one half to possess the other and bring them together both physically and spiritually: “Among His signs is what He made of your wives for you, so that you find peace in them, and set love between you and mercy ” (30:21). The second function is to give birth and leave offspring: “Allah made for you the spouse of you, granted you children, grandchildren, and endowed you with benefits. Do they believe in lies and do not believe in the mercy of Allah? ”(16:72). Marriage is the only legal condition for physical intimacy and the conception of children. Freedom outside of marriage is a grave sin and may even be an offense in Islam, if it can be confirmed by four witnesses who identify the perpetrators and give evidence that they have seen full sexual intercourse (and not just guessed about possible sexual contact). The legal criteria established for witnesses to adultery are quite tough, and this is done in order to minimize the possibility of a false accusation on matters as serious as the preservation of the family. 

It is worth noting that the same moral principles of chastity before marriage and fidelity prevailed in it previously in America, and in the West in general, but as more and more people rolled into atheism or microtheism, change became inevitable. Atheism is the denial of God. Microtheism is a confession of God without special reverence: we worship Him, but on our own terms. We visit temples, usually on weekends, but do not allow God to determine our personal or social life. Thus, the erosion of faith laid the foundation for the “sexual revolution,” during which all religious values ​​became the subject of a radical rethinking.  

The sexual revolution did not start in the recent past, as it seems to us, not in the 1960s. It was not the result of inertial natural social changes, on the contrary – the result of well-planned intellectual efforts, hard work and perseverance on the part of those who wanted to spoil morals. It all began with a universal interest in science and admiration for its technological capabilities, following the expulsion of the church from public life. Many began to consider the human mind the supreme arbiter in all human affairs, and all the values ​​tested by centuries were revised. In haste and superficiality, however, people lost sight of the obvious fact that the human mind itself is an imperfect instrument. Because of his limitations, he cannot make final judgments regarding absolute moral norms. The mere fact that the human mind is tirelessly in search of new knowledge and does not stop research is a recognition of a rather extensive area of ​​its ignorance. If we really believed that our mind is perfect and all-inclusive knowledge, then we would have to stop our pursuit of knowledge and thereby save research budgets. In fact, everything is as the Quran says:“They will ask you about the spirit (soul or Djibril). Say: “The Spirit is from the command of my Lord, but you have been given very little to know about it” (17:85).

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In the course of the further replacement of God by man in the period between the two world wars, a movement called Morality Without Religion arose, which accused religion and not the delusions of humanity of inciting hatred and conflicts between people. Its activists claimed that moral perfection could be achieved without the participation of religion, and called their secular approach “isolated morality.” At first, few joined this movement, but his popularity grew as people lost faith because of inconsistencies between what the Bible says and scientific data. But it was necessary to shift the focus of attention from religion, as God was “overthrown” and new moral norms emerged, where yesterday’s immorality became a familiar state of today. Secular humanists finally were able to frankly declare that human values ​​must be created by people and not depend on the rationale of any non-human or supernatural source. With the transition to materialism, such values ​​as honor, chastity and purity became empty words, akin to a depreciated currency. A full range of ideological processing tools was used to expand the boundaries of freedom and include licentiousness there; so in a society that emphasizes individuality, every whim of a person has become his right. to expand the boundaries of freedom and include licentiousness there; so in a society that emphasizes individuality, every whim of a person has become his right. to expand the boundaries of freedom and include licentiousness there; so in a society that emphasizes individuality, every whim of a person has become his right.

Another blow to morality, like a tidal wave that struck society, overwhelmed many representatives of the clergy – the traditional guardians of religious and moral values. Clear acted as a kind of Trojan horse; instead of leaving the religious camp and joining supporters of freedom, the clergymen encroached on the inviolability of the creeds themselves: they began to offer new interpretations (mixing radical and conservative) and interpretations of the sacred texts – in order to recognize what was illegal and reprehensible throughout history of these religions. Many clergymen themselves became victims of mental viruses, in relation to which, in theory, should have been immune. Some even interpreted the vow of celibacy as abstinence from marriage, but not from sex (Woodward, Kenneth L. Gays in the Clergy. Newsweek. 1987. Feb 23. P. 58).  

The result, as one would expect, was the chaotic sexual behavior of entire communities. Without giving value to premarital chastity and fidelity in marriage, there was a desacralization of sex as a special connection between a man and a woman; Indiscriminate sex, fleeting unions, rape, unwanted pregnancies ending in abortions and unwanted children deprived of the legal right to have both parents, and motherhood among adolescent girls became common phenomena. What kind of trust in the institution of the family can we talk about when even in stable families about fifteen percent of children are illegitimate and have no relation to their fathers! To all of this, health risks associated with the epidemic spread of sexually transmitted diseases are added. These are either new diseases or relapses of old ones that seemed to were defeated long ago. Their pathogens have become resistant to the usual antibiotic therapy, and with the growth of sexual promiscuity, they will bring great damage to society, especially young people.  

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We Muslims have no confusion or uncertainty about what is legal and what is illegal in our religion. The text of the Quran remains in its original form, in which it was revealed: the word to the word and the letter to the letter. The Quran is a divine word, and any translation or interpretation of it in another language, including Arabic (Koran), cannot be called the Quran. Morality and immorality, defined in it, will remain so forever and cannot be diluted, manipulated or rationalized. We do not have representatives of the clergy or scholars who are allowed to declare themselves holders of the right or ability to special interpretation of the texts of the Koran. This does not mean that all Muslims are virtuous people who do not commit sins. Of course, some Muslims violate religious institutions, falling into sinfulness and an abomination, but at least they know that it is sin. Awareness of this will remain on their conscience until they come to their senses and repent to the Almighty.

The real challenge, however, is faced by those Muslims who are citizens of Western communities, where their children are brought up within the framework of social and moral norms that are contrary to the teachings of Islam. Muslims are not alone in this, because there are also Jews, Christians, and others who keep divine moral standards and make every effort to pass them on to their children. Cooperation in this area is already underway and is more encouraged among Muslims and those who believe in a similar way, whether they are representatives of the clergy, individual laity or members of public associations.  

Raising our children presupposes their early acquaintance with God (see the first chapter). It is important to suggest in time: if we believe in Him, it means that we accept and follow all His rules; and since we follow His rules, we should not be bothered if others do. Because when a person is on the side of God, he is in the majority, since all His creatures are subject to His laws. So, faith breeds confidence that helps resist peer pressure and avoid various temptations.
The phrase “everyone does it” is no longer an excuse. The meaning of such a “vaccination”, based on teaching the children the basics of the faith, is to form “immunity” long before the child is exposed to moral illness. As a soldier prepares to fight before, rather than during a battle, future dangers and traps need to be discussed with the child so that he or she can decide in advance what position to take when the time comes for inevitable offers to drink, smoke, take drugs or have sex.  

Fortunately, the preaching of premarital chastity entails more than just an order to obey (although, of course, the essence of the teaching is that when God commands, we hear and obey). Discussion of this topic among Muslim and non-Muslim youth revealed eloquent results in terms of the same intellectual preferences. “Who believes in gender equality?” – they voted for it unanimously. “Who believes in justice?” – again unanimous agreement. Then it was suggested that any relationship between the two partners, responsibility for the consequences of which is not equally shared by both, cannot be fair – and again, everyone agreed. However, in conditions of liberal sex, responsibility is not divided equally, because the female side loses in any case: woman or will be abandoned; or get pregnant and have an abortion; or give birth to a child and give him up for adoption; or will be one to grow fatherlessness, supporting the rest of his life. Having completed the review of the sad consequences, they asked the question: “Can this be fair?” – in response, they heard a friendly exclamation: “No!”   

Belatedly, the homosexual movement jumped on the runway of the sexual revolution train. Homosexuality, of course, is not a new invention, since it existed in almost all cultures and among all nations, but, as you might guess, on a much smaller scale. This deviation has always had its own lobby, which acted in a more or less subtle way, but its influence has grown incredibly in the last decades. I remember scientific conferences, where a number of scientific reports were presented, in which, based on rigorous scientific methodology, the security of anal sex was proved. This happened in the early 1970s, and such conclusions for me were so contrary to simple common sense that I began, for the first time in my academic life, to doubt the honesty of some scholars. Shortly thereafter, the American Psychiatric Association proclaimed that homosexuality is no longer considered a disease requiring treatment, but is seen as an orientation or a variant of sexual behavior. The rest is history.

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“Gay intestinal syndrome” has been described in the medical literature; and later AIDS, which became news number one in connection with the identification of his direct relationship to homosexual behavior, appeared. But very soon, this problem was ousted from the agenda, and the treatment of this disease was guided by the usual rules and instructions for the treatment of infectious diseases. AIDS has become a political issue, and the homosexual lobby has become a political force capable of putting pressure on officials and public figures, as well as enlist the support of the press, artists and clergy. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome could not be contained, and it spread further, affecting blood donors, drug addicts, embryos in the womb of mothers; Even heterosexual, including matrimonial, contacts, The opportunity and completely random infection. This is how a global epidemic emerged that is spreading at a grave speed. For people with AIDS, Muslims feel sympathy and compassion, they are offered, hopefully, better medical care and nursing care. And healthy people are strongly recommended preventive approach. It’s not about a condom, because there is no such thing as safe sex. I’m talking about chastity before marriage and adultery. And healthy people are strongly recommended preventive approach. It’s not about a condom, because there is no such thing as safe sex. I’m talking about chastity before marriage and adultery. And healthy people are strongly recommended preventive approach. It’s not about a condom, because there is no such thing as safe sex. I’m talking about chastity before marriage and adultery.  

Discussions about homosexuality are in full swing. “Be who you are, and not be ashamed of it!” – declared publicly. As a result, many gullible youngsters began experimenting, “studying” themselves to find out who they really are. Much is said about voluntariness as a necessary condition for sexual contact, and in Scandinavia they are trying to reduce the “age of consent” by four years. Gay Pride Day is celebrated annually in California with media coverage, and Gay Pride Month is held in some school districts to counter “intolerance” and “prejudice.” And the cohabitation and joint farming of same-sex couples is now being promoted as an alternative form of the family.

Recently, science began to explore the likely anatomical and genetic predisposition to homosexual orientation. But for us, Muslims, this does not make any impression, for us everything is quite simple: we do not create our religion – we accept it and obey it. We cannot impose our beliefs on anyone, but the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad clearly and unambiguously condemn homosexual practices for us. You may long for something, for example, make homosexual contact (or heterosexual, but with a partner who is not your spouse), drink alcohol, or give vent to your violence; to steal something you like – nevertheless, what you passionately desire should not be what you do.“For a believing man and a believing woman there is no choice in their decision making, if Allah and His Messenger have already made a decision. But whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, has fallen into obvious error ” (33:36). Each of us has an indisputable gene, without which no one can be considered a human being – he is called the “self-control gene”!  

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