Muslim woman sues police for broken neck and degraded dignity

In the United States, a Muslim woman, with the help of human rights defenders, sued the New York police for unlawful actions by security forces during her arrest.

The incident occurred on July 12 in Manhattan. A 20-year-old African-American Muslim woman, Raikhan Alkhanafi, was driving a car with her mother in the passenger seat when she was stopped by police for violating traffic rules.

Police officers checked her car’s license numbers and stated that they were fake, after which they arrested the woman. The shocked Muslim woman demanded that male officers not touch her, as her religion forbids such, but police officers knocked her over the ground, and one of the officers kneeed on Raikhan’s back, IslamNews reports citing the text of the lawsuit.

Despite the woman’s screams that she was in pain and that she was having an asthma attack, the staff continued to keep her on the ground until the indignant passers-by began to record what was happening on mobile phones.

After being arrested and taken to the Raikhan police station, medical assistance was refused, and after 2 days she had to go to the hospital because of acute pain. It turned out that the woman had a fracture of the cervical vertebra due to the arbitrariness of the police.

Ahmed Mohamed, a lawyer of Raikhana, is convinced that the police reacted to her biased because of her skin color and hijab. The American-Islamic Relations Council ( CAIR ) human rights organization is supporting the Muslim woman in her lawsuit.

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