Named the bloodiest horror in cinema history

American actress Jessica Chastain admitted that the sequel “Ono” is the bloodiest film.
The movie star made such a statement in the program “Night Show with Jimmy Fallon”. The recording of the interview with Chastain was published on The Tonight Show Starring’s official YouTube channel, Jimmy Fallon.

Photo: © Jessica Chastain
Photo: © Jessica Chastain

Chastain played the role of Beverly Marsh in a new film by Andres Musketti. According to Jessica, while working on one of the movie scenes, a filmmaker stated that the largest amount of blood was used in the entire history of cinema.

“I’ll say this: the next day, I pulled blood from my eyes. It was false blood, – the actress told.

Recall in the 90s based on the novel by Stephen King “It” was released a mini-series with Tim Curry in the title role. In 2017, Musketti took off the tape, which tells about the seven children who are tormented by the clown Penny. The tape premiered on September 5th.

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