Named the most “tea” country in the world

The International Tea Committee published statistics on which country most often drink tea per capita. Turkey turned out to be the leader, consuming about 260,000 tons of tea annually, which is about 3.5 kilograms per capita. From one kilogram of tea, 150 to 300 glasses of the drink are obtained, depending on the brewing method.

The cost of a glass of tea (usually in Turkey, tea is drunk from small glasses of thin glass expanding downward, they are called a “mess”) in the country’s largest city – Istanbul – varies from 1 lira (11.09 rubles) in small cafes and peddlers on the streets and up to 25 liras (277.3 rubles) in restaurants of expensive hotels on the banks of the Bosphorus, such a study was conducted by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

The lion’s share of consumption in Turkey is black tea, partially grown in the Black Sea region of the republic, and partially imported from Sri Lanka, India and other countries.

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