NASA astronaut will meet with fans at the Museum of Moscow

Scott Kelly will answer questions about his flight to the ISS.

NASA astronaut became very famous during his stay in the international crew aboard the ISS. Among the users of the Network, his unique broadcasts were very popular, where he spoke interestingly about weightlessness and its impact on the human body. Numerous photos and videos of Kelly allowed people to see the Earth in the most unusual angles. An astronaut in his book said that in a year, the end sections of chromosomes had grown on his space orbit and he began to feel much younger. In addition, on board the ISS, its height has increased by 5 centimeters.

After returning to Earth, his body returned to normal, but with his research he gave invaluable material for study. He will tell about this and many other things in the Museum of Moscow, where he will meet with fans. The event, which will take place on December 1 at 19 o’clock, will also be attended by Russian scientists, who will explain to the audience some of the scientific aspects of the space experiments of NASA astronaut.

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