NASA has developed an anticoronavirus necklace

NASA has developed an anticoronavirus necklace that vibrates every time its owner tries to touch its face. The decoration will be printed on a 3D printer, writes Daily Mail.

The device, using an infrared sensor, detects a hand that is too close to the face. As soon as it detects movement, a small motor is triggered inside the necklace. Thus, developers are trying to prevent the common route of COVID-19 into the body through the eyes, nose and mouth.

NASA clarified that it can not be used instead of a mask and other personal protective equipment against coronavirus, but only with them. In addition, the developers promised to release the model in other colors.

Previously, scientists found a decrease in the effectiveness of medical masks for coughing. They found that even though the mask prevents the spread of small drops of saliva during sneezing or coughing, its filtering ability is reduced.

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