NASA has developed anticorrosiveness necklace

Photo: NASA
NASA has developed anticorrosiveness necklace that vibrates every time his owner tries to touch the face. Decoration will print on a 3D printer, writes Daily Mail.
Device using infrared sensor detects a hand which is too close the tray to face. Once it detects movement inside the necklace triggers a small motor. Thus the developers are trying to stop common way of getting COVID-19 in the body through the eyes, nose and mouth.

NASA said that it cannot be used instead of masks and other means of individual protection from the coronavirus, but only with them. In addition, the developers have promised to release a model in other colors.
Previously, scientists have found a decline in the effectiveness of medical masks when coughing. They found that although the mask prevents the spread of small droplets of saliva when sneezing or coughing, its filtering power thus decreases.
Video, photo All from Russia.

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