Naya Rivera is dead: the body of the missing star of the TV series “Chorus”

The search operation against the 33-year-old actress Nai Rivera, who was missing on Lake Piru on July 8, was completed: rescuers discovered the body of a dead star. Ventura County officials confirmed to TMZ that the actress’s body was removed from the water. In the near future a press conference will be held at which official data will be announced.

As previously reported, Naya spent time with her four-year-old son, Josie, in the Los Padres National Forest, California. They rented a boat and went on a boat trip on Lake Piru. Josie was later found alone in the boat and said that she and her mother had sailed for a swim, but she had not returned.

The search for the missing actress continued for several days: rescuers on helicopters looked around the lake from above, and divers looked for the Naya Rivera in the water. At the press conference last weekend, a spokesman for the search group told reporters that there are many underwater plants in the lake. According to one version, which was considered at that time, the actress could get confused under water.

Naya Rivera became famous for the role of Santana Lopez in the television series “Glee”, and now she has replenished the list of members of the project crew who died early. In 2013, actor Corey Monteith died of alcohol and drug poisoning , and in 2018, Mark Salling committed suicide, also famous for his role in the “Choir”. In 2013, assistant director Jim Fuller died in a dream – the death came due to heart failure. And the next year, assistant director Nancy Mouts committed suicide . By a tragic coincidence, the body of Nai Rivera was discovered on the day of the seventh anniversary of the death of Corey Monteith.

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