Nazar Ilishev: “The United States is a citadel of modern slavery. Slaves of the human mind “


The editors of Season Passed asked a series of questions about the United States, the author of the informative YouTube channel “Thoughtfully About Everything” Nazar Ilishev.

The purpose of the video blog “Thoughtfully about everything” is concrete – to show and tell the viewer what is behind the attractive wrapper of American life, as demonstrated by Hollywood and the media in all its glory. The common expression “the contrast of form and content” – acquires, through the efforts of Nazar, very expressive features.

Nazar Ilishev. The author of the video blog “Thoughtfully about everything” on YouTube.
Nazar Ilishev. The author of the video blog “Thoughtfully about everything” on YouTube.
– American patriotism: blessing or curse?

“In the era of globalism, it is a blessing for both Americans and everyone else. I am for all to be patriots of their countries. ”

– What causes massive orthopedic problems in the lives of ordinary Americans?

“The medicine. In the United States of the joints insurance treatment often does not cover. Maximum give anti-inflammatory. Well, the quality of the food, of course. I am not an expert, but what Americans eat is impossible to eat. ”

– USA: “free country” or “police state”?

“Everyone understands freedom in his own way. Modern slavery is characterized by the fact that it is “sophisticated”, no one is above you with a whip. The system sits on a credit needle and you plow like crazy, and you have no left thoughts. Man is a consumer. The meaning of life is to work and eat. This is manifested in the USA, as nowhere else. And the police strictly ensure that everyone is in the stall. The United States of America is a stronghold of modern slavery. Slavery of the human mind. ”

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“ Why are Americans reluctant to make contact in front of the camera lens?”

“They are afraid of the consequences of the said word. There is severe self-censorship in the country and there may be trouble due to various artificially inflated scandals in the press. Here we can write in the announcement of the delivery of the apartment – “only Slavs.” In the US, for this you will not work anywhere else. But this does not mean that people no longer have an opinion. They just don’t stick it out. ”

– Have you ever come across student associations like “sororities” and “fraternities”, while studying in the USA?

“I myself was not involved anywhere. But all sorts of associations have always been many. Especially everything that concerns gays, lesbians and transgender people. I don’t know what they did there, it seems to me that all this is just for paper. It is beneficial for a university to show the presence of public life, and for students – for a resume. ”

– What do ordinary Americans think about US interference in the internal affairs of other countries?

“Ordinary Americans do not think, they have no time for this.”

– What should the Russians take over from the Americans?

“Do not look for happiness over the hill, but concentrate your efforts on achieving success in yourself. There is no freebie anywhere. ”

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