Neglecting royal etiquette, Meghan Markle wore a scarf when visiting a mosque


A mixed reaction from the public was caused by the appearance of Meghan Markle in a long dress and shawl during a visit to South Africa

The Duchess of Sussex put on clothes, partly in line with the canons of Islam, while visiting a mosque in Cape Town. The woman wore a 3/4 sleeve khaki dress with a white shawl thrown over her head. 

Already inside the Muslim temple, the wife of Prince Harry helped tie a scarf to another woman. 

During a visit to the mosque, Markle and her husband communicated with both the rector of the church and parishioners.  

Nevertheless, the choice of clothing by the Duchess of Sussex was not to everyone’s liking. Critics drew attention to the fact that the woman complied with Islamic standards during a visit to the mosque, although before that she had repeatedly violated the royal regulations when appearing at public events. However, no less than people expressed support for Markle, noting the fact that she respects other cultures and traditions. Also, many subscribers of the duchess said that she was wearing feminine dresses and a scarf. 

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