Giga Uguru crazy MMA skills [Black Ninja]

This black ninja shows what is capable of!

Black Ninja is not a cliché which he gave reporters. This is how self-described Giga Uguru.

In other matters should be noted that he deserves to call himself a ninja. After all, he has all the necessary agility, speed, power, If he can also behave in the Octagon he will be unbeatable.

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Giga Uguru familiar with martial arts since early childhood. He visited with the most Taekwondo 4 years. Starting exercise at 4 years Giga Uguru never did breaks. He worked hard and loved the sport.

One Taekwondo this dangerous lad was not enough. In 10 years, I decided to start Giga visit Thai Boxing. But he, too, Thai Boxing was not enough. After the dangerous Thai Boxing has experienced Giga Uguru moved on to Karate and Krav Mage thereby bringing himself to the image of the mysterious ninja.

But the hero of this article is not just learned different sports. He diversity of their sets of elements of acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics.

With gymnastics in his arsenal of powerful karate he became almost a professional ninja.

His fighting skills of the unique truth. Different sports in one athlete turned it into a unique fighting machine with its own style.

In addition, Giga Uguru even engaged in parkour to strengthen its military equipment. This is obviously noticeable in the study of his movements and foot techniques.

skill level Gigi Uguru admirable. He can put a few punches per second. It can quickly change the rack and fighting style. It can strike as no one hits in real life almost any part of the body. Judging by his video to see him in a street fight is simply dangerous.

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Giga Uguru Ninja like Hollywood only in real life!

Hello to all readers of my blog! Now I want to introduce you to a fantastic character with a man who looks like a superhero movie from Marvel and still has no more than the worst combat skills.
Its ability to fascinate.

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Giga Uguru definitely a person with whom you’d better stay out of trouble.

After all, the police have repeatedly picked him in the land of conflict on the street. Apparently the knowledge of martial arts attracts people who want to test our fighter strength. But I’m sure he will not give in insult.

Giga specifically refers to top 10 dangerous people, and this guy is better not to get involved.

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Giga Uguru real person ninja that exists.

The man who proves that their existence can become a ninja with a strong desire.

Giga Uguru himself modestly calls himself an actor and a sports person silently but says nothing about his abilities.

It should also be noted the unusual motto Gigi Uguru said he had found salvation if you believe in Jesus the Prophet. And encourages all to believe in the Prophet Jesus.

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Giga Black Uguru is a ninja who is able to conquer the MMA if it will show in the Octagon at least 5-10% of what it does in their video.

UFC for example now suffering from attacks of fighters. Top fighters take position in the ranking and are kept important belt in his piggy bank.

It is difficult to find a championship belt that would not be in the hands of the fighters. Except perhaps that the heavy weight categories but there small action.

Amazing that the most powerful sports league in the world, most of it athletes fighters at the same time there are no representatives interesting martial arts in a big the number.

But outside of the UFC is a man capable of theoretically change a lot. Yes, yes it is Giga Uguru.

After all, this guy has all the ability. He wields an abundance of martial arts has a perfect physique and can also destroy potential opponents. At least has it all odds.

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In my opinion at Gigi Uguru likely to win in the UFC. His outstanding abilities. Needless nicknamed black ninja were taken to them because of the style of clothing he wears. He prefers black clothing style entirely.

If he took the word black because of the style of clothing that the prefix of Ninja – for his skills. He has not only martial arts but also in Eastern weapons such as the nunchucks as well as others.

In fact, his relationship with the Eastern culture very weak. In most of its video Giga Uguru blogged about the
Bible. It is more religious than Fedor Emelianenko, Fedor was a very religious man.

But no matter how close it is to the east, and what he says. After all, his talent can be seen and felt. When viewing a video, you can have an opinion that his combat abilities are limitless. This guy talented and it’s obvious.

In addition to martial arts that Giga Uguru have the skills to fight with a sword, a sword, a stick, nunchucks and other combat dangerous weapon.

But much of its ability to be in shock sports. All the same, not the sword made famous Guigou Uguru and his skills of acrobatics and parkour.

Military equipment Gigi Uguru paradoxical. On the background of a long and boring fights UFC are often protracted and long look breath of fresh air.

In my opinion if it will apply to any league of mixed martial arts is a fighter to be adopted unequivocally. After all, people at least want to look at as to how it will manifest itself in the Octagon.

Giga Uguru is incredibly well-known and popular. Hundreds of thousands of people every month are looking for news about him on the Internet. Millions of people watch it on YouTube, along with millions of his subscribers social networks.

Each of his videos and he becomes the viral popularity increasing day by day.

All these millions would want to look at his fights. Indeed, the main concern and the issue is that he will fight with a real enemy and not on camera beating the air.

He is hard-working and talented and he has every opportunity to become the new UFC star he can become richer and more famous multimillionaire Conor McGregor.

So far, unfortunately, we see only as Giga Uguru shows that what he can do on the camera. And it’s sad for his fans because of his ardent fans have long wanted to see their idol in the ring.

————————————————– ———————

Story of a man who trains to become a ninja with 4 years. The history of black ninja Gigi Uguru.

Fighter Giga Uguru is a crazy example of what can happen when mixed martial arts and acrobatics of parkour.

Giga Uguru does not waste time communicating with their audience. I think it’s his fault because the fans want to know more about their idol. But at the moment Giga Uguru communicates with your audience short but very steep videos are immediately viral.

Also unusual in that in my opinion Giga Uguru with the popularity it does not lead a public life and does not seek to be popular. He just uses the level of fame that he has to communicate with their audiences about God and Christianity.

Fighter Giga Uguru extremely religious in every his publication on Instagram, YouTube and he mentions Jesus and also cites the most important book of his life the Bible.

It’s even a little strange because he does not talk about his lifestyle and nutrition as well all the time and every word and every topic it is highly unusual for an athlete.

People do not believe in God will be hard to listen to it with the exception that if they are not strong ninja fans.

Giga Uguru does a lot of different applications which can be saved as a quote and read periodically. This fighter definitely have something to say.

For example quoted Gigi Uguru about fear.

According to athlete despite the fact that fear is a natural fear it is the reason because of which attack you. For example you are attacked and you immediately began to flee from the enemy thus you will only aggravate the situation because he will know that you are afraid of it. You acknowledge that your opponent is stronger than you are psychologically and morally, and this is why the enemy will be more aggressive because he is now more confident in their strength rather in your weakness.

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On the other hand, even if you are weak but you are ready to give their lives for their honor and safety of the seeing your determination enemy retreated because then the risk for him to be too large, and thus it can greatly suffer.

According to Gigi Uguru as the Bible says.

Combat style Gigi Uguru extremely diverse and hardly can write all kinds of martial arts whose elements absorbed the fighter. All manner of his fighting technique puts it.

Giga Uguru has flawlessly figure which would be envied by many bodybuilders.

Just Giga Uguru addition to shock and swords learned to shoot a gun and know how to do it very well ..

One theory why Giga Uguru so much skill is that he is a professional actor and may be planning to build a career as an actor.

Just Giga Uguru making money acting in commercials and working photo model. This is not surprising because with such a variety of skills and a body he definitely need to try himself in the role of actor and model possible so he will succeed.

Some people may say that his skills are not relevant to real life. But let’s be honest most of the martial arts are not applicable in real life. And do athlete mostly studying fight for make money. Those few who used fighting skills on the street already sitting behind them in jail because they are lethal for the average person.

In real life techniques of the octagon may be rarely useful. To a large extent they need to earn as do Mayweather  Floyd, Conor McGregor or Habib Nurmagomedov.

Although our hero Giga Uguru even here an exception. He is as I said got into street fights, and even mass fights and spending time at the police station. This is according to the press about it.

Personally, I have a massive fight has nothing to do with faith and God. Although this is a personal choice Gigi Uguru will not judge him for it.

What is the success of Gigi Uguru? After all, the world is full of bodybuilders as well as a huge number of representatives of the martial arts. Actors not too little. What’s the trick Gigi Uguru?

In my subjective view of the fact which itself is a mixture of Giga Uguru. He is black ninja tell it’s definitely an unusual image of a ninja. After all, we are used to ninja samurai from Japan rather than African Americans.

Giga Uguru chic bodybuilder. Giga super pumped. His physique is the dream of many bodybuilders.

Giga Uguru has in its arsenal is not only fighting skills of rare martial arts he also owns sports gymnastics, acrobatics as well as Parkour. And this creates a unique style.

In this case, in addition to acrobatics, martial arts Giga Uguru wildly religious, he is one of the few not just athletes or actors and all the famous people who are always talking about God and the Bible.

Incidentally laying video Instagram social network does not provide organic traffic which is why the majority of posts Gigi Uguru consists of a video that instantly become viral.

One of his commercials in Instagram direction nearly 1,500,000 views that much and makes it not just athletes but celebrity.


Bottom line.

Giga Uguru very diverse character with a very

On it you can tell a lot and I’m sure this fighter more time to surprise us news. But at the moment this is all I could find out about him.

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Giga Uguru: Ninja in real life

This guy calls himself a ninja and it is no coincidence. Parents gave it to Taekwondo as early as 4 years old. And since then, Giga has never taken interruptions. At 10, he took up Thai boxing, then switched to karate and Krav Maga.

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In his training, he began to use elements of parkour and acrobatics, and this is noticeable in every movement of our ninja. His style is fascinating, and his physical form is fascinating.

In social networks, he positions himself as an actor, a sports model.

His motto is: if you confess with your own lips Jesus is the Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.


Greetings, sports fans!

If women read me (which is unlikely), then I sincerely congratulate you on the International Women’s Day on March 8 !

And I will congratulate the men tomorrow, for having survived this day: D

I stumbled on the Internet on one very interesting character, who, amid his crazy skills, is gaining popularity at a frantic pace.

His name is Giga Uguru . Who is he? Ninja MMA or Clown? Let’s figure it out.

Enjoy watching!

This young man is a YouTube blogger.

On his channel, he publishes videos of his training and honing his crazy skills.

Why crazy? Now you understand.

Agree that his tricks make your head spin a little))

Giga Uguru is engaged in gymnastics, martial arts, and also has a good command of nunchucks and even a sword.

Against the background of his speeches, Uguru began to gain popularity exponentially. His videos collect millions of views, and the fan line-up is replenished every time.

It is surprising that he is not very active on the Instagram page. So such content would definitely go.

It is strange that about this ninja very little information. Virtually nothing about his personal life.

This can mean only one thing – Giga Uguru was nobody and decided to become a star, pumping his skills.

In his videos, he basically shows his tricks. About training there is literally one video where he tells how to push out, pull up and press the barbell in the prone position.

It is hard to believe that with such simple exercises he could build himself up to such a fantastic physique.

On the Internet, it is called differently:

Ninzdya MMA, black panther, Deadpool, new hero .

But opinions, as always, differ, someone thinks Giga is a hero, and someone thinks a clown.

What can he do?
Only pear beat and feints their twist. Would go against a real fighter and all these tricks of yours immediately disappear into the background. Ninja…
Approximately such comments are written by users under the videos of Gig.

And I’m not surprised. We also have such unicums full. Even a lot of over))

Well, that would like to say. Giga could realize himself in different areas, if not in MMA. For example in the movie. Represent new hero Marvel? Or in wrestling, they love this show. In the end, to become a blogger. Now bloggers who just do the exercises already collect a bunch of views and attract advertisers.

Giga Uguru. Born to be a ninja.

From the age of 10 he was engaged in Thai boxing, Krav – magician, karate, mastered the battles with nunchakus and a sword.

In his techniques you can see elements of acrobatics, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics. Incredibly agile, strong and religious warrior Jesus is the Lord. The Bible is the main motivation and movement in development.

Strength and moral values ​​of Uguru bring inspiration. It is unique.

He talks a little about himself and practically does not share his workouts. He believes in the power of thought and positive thinking.

In social networks, it is inactive like an elusive ninja. However, he is advancing in them as an actor and a sports warrior.

Tattoos on the body make it clear the essence of its meaning in life. They are powerful and religious.

Giga Uguru is ready to defend his convictions, backing up words with actions.


Watch a crazy video from Giga Uguru/Ovgod workouts:

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