Ninja MMA or Clown? Giga Uguru Crazy Skills


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I stumbled on the Internet on one very interesting character, who, amid his crazy skills, is gaining popularity at a frantic pace.

His name is Giga Uguru . Who is he? Ninzdya MMA or Clown? Let’s figure it out.

Enjoy watching!

This young man is a YouTube blogger.

On his channel, he publishes videos of his training and honing his crazy skills.

Why crazy? Now you understand.

Agree that his tricks make your head spin a little))

Giga Uguru is engaged in gymnastics, martial arts, and also has a good command of nunchucks and even a sword.

Against the background of his speeches, Uguru began to gain popularity exponentially. His videos collect millions of views, and the fan line-up is replenished every time.

It is surprising that he is not very active on the Instagram page. So such content would definitely go.

It is strange that about this ninja very little information. Virtually nothing about his personal life.

This can mean only one thing – Giga Uguru was nobody and decided to become a star, pumping his skills.

In his videos, he basically shows his tricks. About training there is literally one video where he tells how to push out, pull up and press the barbell in the prone position.

It is hard to believe that with such simple exercises he could build himself up to such a fantastic physique.

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On the Internet, it is called differently:

Ninzdya MMA, black panther, Deadpool, new hero .

But opinions, as always, differ, someone thinks Giga is a hero, and someone thinks a clown.

What can he do?
Only pear beat and feints their twist. Would go against a real fighter and all these tricks of yours immediately disappear into the background. Ninja…
Approximately such comments are written by users under the videos of Gig.

And I’m not surprised. We also have such unicums full. Even a lot of over))

Well, that would like to say. Giga could realize himself in different areas, if not in MMA. For example in the movie. Represent new hero Marvel? Or in wrestling, they love this show. In the end, to become a blogger. Now bloggers who just do the exercises already collect a bunch of views and attract advertisers.

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