God of the Symbiotes – Knull

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Today I will tell the story of the formation of the strongest symbiote Marvel – Nalla ( just like that, not Knall ). God of symbiotes.

Null – existed before the universe itself.

At first there was nothing, and then, unexpectedly, the war began.

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Suddenly there was a flash , Null was blinded and he drifted for billions of years surrounded by light, inside of which there was something else.

These were those whom Null considered to be the Gods, the Celestials .

They thought the universe was imperfect and used its void to create. Like clay. Celestials called the house of Nalla the space, the space that needed to be filled with something. Null disagreed.

He believed that the kingdom was not empty.

In the darkness was life.

From the shadow of Celestial Null he created a sword that cut off the head of this celestial being.

After this, Nalla was driven into the darkness to which he already belonged. After all, this is his house.
Quite a strange decision from the Celestials.

The first symbiotes were guns.

By the way, fear and hate before loud noises from symbiotes appeared just after this forging. And forged the weapon of Null inside the severed head of the celestial being, thereby betraying his image in the form of armor to the dark.

Even after many years, his creations bear the scars of his progenitor. Blade Nalla bears the name Nekromech .

Null and his sword together destroyed the gods.

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So far, one day, in one of the fights, the opponents were not on a completely unfamiliar planet, moreover, completely exhausted.

The sword of Nalla took Gorr (who killed God in golden armor). Gorr is worthy of individual issues.
As for Nalla, the future leader of the symbiotes lay almost without movement for hundreds of years.

And during the strongest famine the insight came to him that if he connects his creatures with the lower beings on this planet, then we will have a new union. Something incredible. Creatures that can be manipulated.

Thanks to the bearers, Null was able to satisfy his hunger and feed new knowledge about the world around him. He became for these creatures a real deity. God of symbiotes is literally the center of all existing symbotics.

Null and its carriers swallowed whole galaxies.

He could feel everything that happens to his enemies in other worlds, he could see everything that another symbiote sees. Now he has incredible power. The darkness grew stronger, the light began to lose its power. Until one day Null and his minions stumbled upon planet Earth. You might think that simbitov attracted people as ideal carriers, but it is not.

All this terrible race attracted the light, which is so eagerly wanted to destroy. However, it was on Earth that they met incredible resistance, which was demonstrated by the powerful God of Thunder.

With one powerful lightning strike, Thor made him feel the terrible pain of literally every symbiote in all galaxies. This blow caused irreparable damage to Nallu. Now he was not able to control his creation.

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Now symbiotes began to try to find new carriers for themselves.

Moreover, concepts such as good and evil for simbits have also changed. They saw a different picture. Began an unprecedented rebellion against his God. So the Clintars appeared.

Nalla has a huge dragon with the help of which the God of symbiotes enslaves huge worlds.

By the way, it is thanks to this dragon that symbiotic particles were obtained. These samples SHIELD used to create their super-soldiers endowed with the power of Venom.

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