Nymphadora Tonks is the most unique sorceress of the Order of the Phoenix.

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I’ve written articles about almost all of my favorite characters from J.K. Rowling
‘s great universe . It’s time to talk about one funny and unique sorceress of the wizarding world – Nymphadora Tonks

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Tonks is one of the funniest and most cheerful characters in the Potteriana. From her first appearance (in the 5th book and the film) she magically attracts all the attention. I consider her the best female character in this universe. Not Hermione or Lily, namely Tonks who showed us true love.

Many people know about one of Tonks’s enchanting uniqueness, but it is mostly those who have read the books, which is hardly explained in the film.

I am often criticized for describing the facts that were mentioned in the book, but after all, not everyone read it. Many do not have time for this, but they are interested in such information, so there is me).

Let Tonks herself explain to you all the properties of her abilities:

You know, in my opinion, purple is still not my color, ”she said thoughtfully and pulled herself at the protruding strand. – Don’t you think that he gives me some kind of pain?

“Yes, it does,” Tonks said firmly. With a tense look, as if she wanted to remember something, she narrowed her eyes – and a second later, her hair turned bright pink, like bubble gum.

– How do you manage it? Harry asked in amazement.

“I am a metamorphine,” she replied, and, opening her eyes to the full, began to study her reflection again. She turned her head this way and that to look at the hair from all sides. “That means I can change my appearance however I want,” she added, seeing Harry’s puzzled face in the mirror. – Such is the one who was born. When I was being trained as an Auror, I got the highest marks in stealth and camouflage without any cramming. It was wonderful. Metamorphs are rare, they are innate. Most wizards need wands or potions to change their appearance.

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She is able to change the color of her hair and skin, the shape of her nose, face, eyebrows, ears, and even height without any difficulty, she is so lucky.

She often used these abilities to entertain herself or others. Also thanks to them she perfectly hides among the wizards, which, in theory, should help her in espionage, but alas, Tonks is quite clumsy. But this did not prevent her from becoming an excellent Auror.

Rescue Remus Lupine

Yes, it was Tonks who saved Remus from the fate of a lonely and unnecessary Werewolf (as Lupine considered himself to be). In the films, they made a big mistake, namely, they decided not to pay attention to the relationship between Remus and Tonks.

She joined the new “Order of the Phoenix” , which was assembled by Dumbledore after the resurrection of the Dark Lord in 1995.
Here the young sorceress met a quiet and reserved Lupine. Perhaps at the same moment, a turning point in the life of both occurred. Tonks never hides his feelings and emotions, but Remus is afraid of such turns. Yes, he also loves, but is afraid of losing him, because he alter ego does not give in to any feelings. All his life he hid and feared people whom he could harm and many really feared him, which even worse influenced his character. But Tonks did not see him as poverty or a werewolf, but only as an honest and kind person …

Remus decided to move away from her as much as possible and accepted Dumbledore’s task of gathering information among werewolves (whom he does not much love). Thus, he believes that he is saving a young girl from danger, but everything turned out, rather, the opposite. From worries, Tonks begins to lose abilities. Metamorph, and nothing remained of her infinitely cheerful mood.

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But, nevertheless, Remus finally surrendered, albeit not at the most joyful moment. After the death of Dumbledore, on the same night there was a battle between the Professors of Hogwarts, the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters. As a result of the fight, Fenrir the Greyback disfigured Bill Weasley, but he Fleur Delacour’s daughter-in-law declared eternal love for him.
Tonks confessed to Remus the same, and Lupine himself could no longer resist his own feelings. From that moment on, they can be considered an official couple, and the most interesting in Potterian.

Tonks regained her abilities and a mischievous character, and after all these changes, her Patronus changed – from a hare to a wolf.
In the same year they got married in Scotland.

A little later, Tonks became pregnant, and doubts flooded over Remus again. He was immensely delighted, but at the same time he was afraid that the child would inherit his ailment. New doubts force him to leave the family, according to his logic, thus he relieves them of danger. but in reality he is afraid of responsibility, which he eventually admits. In this he is helped by Harry, whom Remus offered to help in finding the Horcruxes , but the young Wizard rudely explains to him where he is needed now.

They have a son who did not inherit the Father’s disease, but received a wonderful gift from the Mother – the ability of the Metamorph. Both were overwhelmed with happiness and boundless love for their creation.

But now comes the climactic battle for Hogwarts, where only one member of their family – Remus was supposed to participate. He asked Tonks to stay in a safe place, but she could not be stopped. She later arrived at the School and entered into battle with Voldemort’s large army …

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Tonks and Remus died in this battle. They fought for a new, bright world in which their son could live peacefully. They hardly regretted participating in this battle.

Many condemn J.K. Rowling for killing these characters. Although I adore them myself, I still think it is a pretty logical end. We are used to seeing good victories without big losses, but Rowling gave us a completely different ending, for which I am very grateful to her.

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