On the brain, genes and insights: 28 quotes neurolinguist Tatiana Chernigov

“If cheating is stimulated or to discuss the properties of stain removers with a mysterious, hot gaze, the brain will go out pretty quickly. And nothing to complain about. ”

Tatyana Vladimirovna Chernigovskaya – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor at St. Petersburg State University, Russian scientist in the field of neuroscience, psycholinguistics and the theory of consciousness. At one time, Posner made an exception to his own rules and invited Chernihiv to his program twice. But everything is logical. Chernigovskaya is one of the smartest women of our time, who can speak directly, simply and often with humor on difficult and most important topics. And he does this often: in open lectures, the scientist tells how to teach the brain to learn, in an interview with Forbes, explains how a millionaire’s brain is different, with gloss it is not opposed to speculate about the vector of development of gender relations.

In this material, we have collected bright quotes from a neuropsychologist – about the brain, good and bad genes, intuition and money that may push you to new thoughts about future plans.

Since we have got such a perfect comrade-in-arms, or an enemy, or an accomplice, – I don’t know how the brain is, then let’s not use it as it is metaphorically described in the well-known work The Prince and the Pauper. Remember, there the prince and the beggar were the same and inadvertently changed places. And the beggar, who was in the place of the prince, got the royal seal. He did not know what it was, and he chopped nuts. Of course, the seal can be chopped nuts, because it is heavy, suitable form. But it is not created for this. So, we got the brain for the complex, exquisite, virtuoso work. You should not use it in order to read stupid books, communicate with stupid people and live your life in vain. Just a pity. He is so powerful, he is able to learn to a great age. And this is not a household phrase, but a scientific one.

Plasticity is the ability of the brain, the neural network, to form new connections, that is, to learn. It used to be said that plasticity is peculiar only to a very young brain, that is, young children, and then it fades away. Yes, of course, it becomes less powerful, but it never dies away. And it lasts longer, if our brain works with complex things. If he will be engaged in any mura, he will very soon turn into a mura. If we want this – everyone’s business. And if we don’t want, we read the complex, we listen to the complex, we watch the complex. For us, difficult. We live such a difficult life. This will help us to delay the extinction of our brain for years. It’s true. I said a scientific fact.

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We are 100 percent dependent on our brain. Yes, we look at the world with our own eyes, we hear something, we feel something. But the way we understand it all, it only depends on the brain. He decides what to show us and how.

We live like madmen, as if we have a spare planet. Secondly, societies in all countries take little account of, making decisions already acquired by science knowledge. The danger of the fact that it can get up to a technological and spiritless society, in which we now live on this planet, is great.

It is impossible to stop science. No one ever succeeded. But it is worth remembering that the deeper we plunge into the ocean of knowledge about the world, the more dangerous this journey becomes and the more responsibility for the starry sky above our heads and for the moral law within us.

I am agnostic. And it personally helps me. I have no illusions that we will ever be able to study what the brain is. I am sure that this will not happen.

The brain is infinitely more complicated than the one in which it is located. And it is even insulting.

If you add up all the nerve fibers in the brain, you get an infinite number of millions of kilometers. You can fly to the moon eight times and come back. And this is all in one of our poor heads.

Who wants to keep the brain a little longer in combat readiness must give it a hard job. If you chew “stimorol” or discuss the properties of stain removers with a mysterious hot gaze, then the brain will go out pretty quickly. And nothing to complain!

I hate IQ. I do not understand what it shows.

Genes are genes. But if it failed, then this number will not work. And you need a lot of work.

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Man owes nothing to anyone. But it is good when he understands what he still wants.

The fool understands that everyone needs money: they provide for life. But at what cost? Maybe you really have no plans to buy a yacht and go on a world tour, but you have a plan to sit at home by the fireplace and knit a scarf. And around to go dogs and cats. And this is happiness, only you did not understand.

People are born different, of different psycho-physiological type. And this is genetics. And you can’t do anything about it.

Genetics are not necessarily fate. But this is a big player. We can not treat this information as secondary. Some people are sanguine, others are active, and others are “depressants.” They are born that way. This we can not “turn off”.

Genes are potency. If the genes do not work out very well, we lament. But if good genes are acquired, this is not enough: you need to get to good parents no longer in a biological sense. It is important that you learn correctly that you get into a good environment, so that you are surrounded by interesting people.

Not many people are aware of how they behave. This is called reflection in science. And this must learn.

Dolphins clearly have abilities that we (humans) can only dream of.

Genius can only be born. Another question – what’s next? Because even such absolute, undoubted geniuses like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, pounded on the fingers so that they played the harpsichord. Genius is also lazy. How much need to push so that he threw out his genius? Or should he be left alone? This is a very serious question.

Comprehending the facts does not make a person smart. The question arises, do I need to have this wild bunch of knowledge in my head? Here I taught the logarithm tables or bin Newton. Dear God, have you ever met this Newton binomial — at least on Tverskaya, even on Nevsky? I never saw him alive.

Need a balance. On the one hand, do not stuff your head with things that you can find and so. On the other hand, it is important that we do not become a society that trains only amateurs. That we definitely do not need. We are in a difficult situation.

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“Intuition is a sacred gift. Reason is an obedient gift, ”writes Einstein. Don’t underestimate things like insight. But discoveries come to the prepared mind. They do not come to anyone.

Often I hear the question, when we find out how the brain functions? I answer: never. Because our brain is not in the brain. This is too complicated a story.

The brain of a woman is different from the brain of men. In some things, the male brain is more effective. In some things, the woman’s brain is more effective. But another thing is more important: what is the brain of a man and what is the brain of a woman? This is some kind of non-existent average. The average man is what? Or the average woman is who? This is idiocy.

A lot of myths exist in the public consciousness: for example, that mathematicians are smart, and ballerinas are stupid. Well, where did they get this from? I specifically dealt with what is happening in the brain of a dancer. So there it is going on, that it is still unknown who has more serious processes: an engineer or this ballerina.

We have to decide for ourselves, we are who: we are the ones who are the fastest, bend the best, consider the best ..? If we are talking about this, then we have already lost. Our civilization is over. Because artificial devices will definitely do it better than we do.

Freud did a bad thing. He planted a whole planet for the whole XX century and set himself on a needle. Put sex at the head in general of all possible angles. Everyone began to seek out Oedipal complexes, read dreams in a special way … At the same time, I do not underestimate the significance of what he said about the subconscious. He actually discovered the subconscious as a very good player.

In people, I love not only the mind. But decency, honesty, loyalty.

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