Opinion on the film, John Wick 3: Parabellum [the pros and cons of the picture]


Good day, subscribers ” Open Game “. Rubric – “Opinion about the film” continues.
Our client is the movie ” John Wick 3 “. Now we will tell you about the pros and cons of this film and give him our assessment. Opinion is purely objective and may differ from yours. Go .

Let’s start with the cons:
1. Sound.
With sound, the situation is this: somewhere I would like to make the sound quieter, somewhere louder. These are scenes of gunfights and fights. Many of them simply didn’t have enough musical accompaniment, because of that some charm of the stage was lost. Shooting and grunting of some characters did not please the ear.

2. Scene with dogs.
Sofia’s character has two dogs. In the original scenes we see natural dogs, but during the battle, animation and computer graphics, it is strongly striking and besides, they are looped, it is not very pleasant to look at it.

3. The last battle.
The last battle was in the glass room. The battle as in our opinion was boring, lacked dynamics, drive. Actor Mark Dacascos (Zero) brilliantly played back his scenes, but it was clear that John Wick’s character (Keanu Reeves) was very tired and his movements were slow, and the dynamics of the fight were not clearly felt. Perhaps it was that the actor Keanu Reeves performed almost all the tricks himself, because his timing is much more than that of Dacascos.

Pros .
1. Picture.
The picture in this film is very good. The moment with the signs and the LED strip inside the hotel is simply gorgeous. Color correction in the film is also good. The moment with signs in the rain — the light changes, from blue to red, and from red to green — looks very cool. And the scene of the shootout in the light of neon ribbons caused a storm of emotions.

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2. Camera work.

We will not talk much about camera work. Say you did it well. The rechargeable crown shots left in the movie look very cool. Competent change of personnel just pleases the eye!

3. Actors.
The cast is chosen correctly. All the actors played their roles well: Keanu Reeves (John Wick) – Once again brilliantly coped with his role. Preparations for this film, trips to shooting ranges and classes with masters of various martial arts have made the actor a real fighter who almost doesn’t need doubles, his graceful movements and laconic words continue to amaze the viewer and go against all cinematic cliches.

Lance Reddick (Charon) – Finally they showed us Charon in all its glory. The scenes of the battle with him finally showed us his abilities as a fighter and an excellent shooter.

Mark Dacascos (Zero) – The return of the actor to the big screens really surprised and pleased many fans of the films of the 90s and 2000. His acting game has never disappointed, but the writers were clearly too lazy to make the character more memorable, and clearly decided to just play on nostalgic feelings viewers.
But in general, the director and the cast respected.

4. Effects.
The effects of the film are gorgeous. Chase, shooting, etc. . I want to join John and start killing everyone right and left. The minimum amount of chromakey and graphics makes the picture more realistic for perception.

5. The plot.

The plot is quite simple, but for better acquaintance you need to look at or revise the previous parts. However, if you are already familiar with the franchise and believed that you know everything and her world, then you are again mistaken. The scriptwriters expanded the criminal world again. And if in the previous tape it seemed that helping Mr. Wyke after his actions in the continental walls would go unpunished, now a real judge appears on the screen who will show the price to such actions. We will also learn more about the rule of the clans of the underworld, and even get to know its top and declare it a real war, and an unexpected turn at the end of the film will be truly unexpected and a direct allusion to the film 4.

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6. Music and sound effects.

In the film, the sounds of shooting and reloading, as well as the sounds of the fight in the film are made amazingly and synchronized with perfectly selected music, which improves the perception of what is happening. However, the musical accompaniment is less than in previous tapes. This is a plus, which turns out to be slightly ambiguous, but we could not but mention it.

Movie score
Our assessment is quite expected. All three minuses turn into one big one, so 9/10 . We recommend the movie for viewing. He is driving and bright, and you definitely will not regret the time spent.

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