Presents a credit card-sized smartphone

The Japanese electronics maker showed a device that impresses with its miniature and slim body. The company Kyocera introduced the smartphone KY-O1L the size of a credit card. It can easily be put in the […]

Tesla introduced an inexpensive electric car

The final price is formed after tax breaks, deductions and subject to savings in maintenance. Ilon Musk said that the company began selling Tesla Model 3 sedan for 31 thousand dollars. This amount is calculated […]

Hyundai cars will get intuition

Smart cars will be able to monitor road users, predict their actions and prevent traffic accidents. Hyundai Motor Company invests in startup Perceptive Automata, which develops technologies for the autopilot. 3DNews reports this with reference […]

Uber will open a service for temporary jobs

The company plans to launch a new project before the IPO in order to become more attractive to investors. Uber will launch a recruitment service for Uber Work before the initial public offering (IPO). Reports […]

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