Wave his hand

Symbol of the coming time. New deputies in St. Petersburg removed a portrait of Putin from the wall. Quiet. Everyday. To nothing. No need anymore. Not relevant. In fact, the country lives its own life, […]

7 most inexplicable acts of Sergei Yesenin

Unsurpassed poetic talent, fame, love of beautiful women did not prevent Sergei Yesenin from being one of the main hooligans and rowdy of Moscow of the 20s. The notoriety literally followed on the heels, and […]

Professions inextricably linked to Islam

Despite the fact that modern Russia is a secular state, dozens of religions continue to coexist and develop in it, like many centuries ago. Each of them has its own history, unique features and unique […]

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There is no god but Allah(God). Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah(God).