Two people involved in the riot case charged

In the near future, the investigation intends to petition the court for the arrest of Kirill Zhukov and Alexey Minyailo. The investigation indicted the two defendants in the July 27 riot case. This was reported […]

Ukrainian board number 1 was shown from the inside

It turned out that during business trips, former leaders of Nezalezhnaya could occupy themselves with watching the Soviet films “The Diamond Arm” and “It Can’t Be!”. Ukrainian journalists showed the interior of the IL-62 airplane, […]

Zvezda journalist denied release on parole

In 2016, Yevgenyev was detained with bags of hashish and spice in large quantities. Zvezda journalist Andrei Evgeniev was denied parole. He had already served almost three years under article 228 of the Criminal Code […]

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