Now, when it is winter, snow and cold outside the window, summer is especially lacking. And not heat, but a cozy warm sun, fresh pleasant wind. Virtual Reality Developer VITEI Backroom aims to bring a fresh summer air feel right into your VR device with Paper Valley.

The game Paper Valley (“Paper Valley”), first of all, should appeal to you with its atmosphere. It “arrives” on the platform of the virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift in mid-2018.

By the way, this is the first full-fledged version of a virtual reality game from the developer VITEI Backroom. Previously, the studio only worked on prototypes of games. For example, her projects include A Tiny Escape.

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In the new Paper Valley game, players will use Oculus Touch controllers to toss paper planes into the air. All this will take place in the summer garden, on the lawns – that is, in the most comfortable and refreshing atmosphere. Of course, the main goal of the game will be to hit a certain target with a hovering airplane.

The game differs from the rest at least in that it has nothing to do with enemy attacks, zombies, World War II and other gaming trends. That is why it can favorably differ in a number of other novelties of this season – and stand out profitably.

Like A Tiny Escape, Paper Valley began life as a prototype for the Paper Garden. He made his first public debut earlier at the BitSummit event in 2017.

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The prototype was shown as a version for the HTC Vive virtual reality helmet. Therefore, the trailer also showcases this version of the game. However, it allows you to at least imagine what the full-fledged game will offer. By the way, this demo won the Famitsu award at the show.

While in Paper Valley, you can bet on the atmosphere. We also hope that this will be a game that will allow for a little more than just throwing paper airplanes. Plus, it should be that rare type of virtual reality experience that truly captures the feeling and mood of the world around you.

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