Peace Prize wanted to give for the name of Macedonia

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Macedonian counterpart Zoran Zaev will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for an agreement to rename Macedonia. Reported by the Associated Press .

As noted, a businessman from Tunisia, Wieded Bushamaoui, one of the winners of the peace prize in 2015, announced his intention to do so. According to her, the agreement reached is “an incredibly important process.”

“This will be the solution for this conflict. (…) It is very important to show that dialogue is possible, that we can find solutions for conflicts, ” RIA Novosti quotes her as saying .

December 10 in the Norwegian capital Oslo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2018. The award was given to a gynecologist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denis Mukwege, and a human rights activist from Iraq, Nadya Murad.

In October, the majority of Macedonian deputies were in favor of starting the procedure for renaming the former Yugoslav Republic into the Republic of Northern Macedonia. At the same time, a referendum on this issue held in the country on October 1 was considered a failure: the turnout was less than 50 percent needed to recognize the voting results, although the majority supported the name change.

Greece and Macedonia signed the renaming agreement on June 17. The dispute over the name of the country began in 1991 after Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia. The name of the country was not recognized by Athens, since there is a province of the same name in Greece and a new country could claim it. Renaming the country will allow Skopje to join NATO and the EU , as it will resolve the long-standing conflict between the countries.

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