Pearls of Russian Propaganda: Sufi Jamaat recruiters in ISIS

The Kremlin’s repressive propaganda machine predictably decided to use the anti-Turkish hysteria that is gaining momentum in Russia for the next, but already ongoing, repression against Islamic education.

This time, a madrasa in Derbent , associated with the Turkish Sulaymandilar jamaat , in Dagestan, was chosen as a victim of a demonstrative massacre . However, it is logical to make these figures have nothing. So instead of simply declaring it the “spy nest” has become hostile to Turkey overnight, security officials, as always, has recently decided to priplesti here LIH (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

Meanwhile, the Suleimandzhilar jamaat, like the Ismail Aga jamaat, whose restaurateurs the Kremlin media recently gave out for ISIL militants who met Erdogan’s son, is a Sufi jamaat, which in itself makes any assumption about recruiting people to ISIL absurd , repressing Sufis on their territory.

Its founder was Sheikh Suleiman Khilmi Tunahan (1988-1959), who belonged to the Naqshbandiyya-Mujadidiya-Khalidiyya Sufi branch. Now in Turkey and in the world, this Jamaat is known as the Jamaat of Quran Readers, which is associated with effective educational methods of learning Quran in their madrasah. In particular, many reciters of the Koran, including those considered to be among the best, come from this jamaat in Turkey.

In this regard, nothing but a bitter smile does not cause the Kremlin’s media claim that in Turkey this Jamaat is in a semi-legal position (as it was long ago, under Kemalists, but thanks to the “Islamization” of Erdogan, this is in the past). Although it would seem that if Turkey is an enemy of Russia, then the organizations pursued by it should be considered friends.

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But when confronted with similar plots of Russian security officials and propagandists, it is better to forget about logic immediately.

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