Pierre Narcissus responded with an African saying on the problems of Kiev with Eurovision

The artist expressed the opinion that everyone should go about their business, and art can not turn into a field of political battles.
Piero Narcissus, a Russian singer of Cameroonian origin, expressed the opinion that only people suffer from Ukraine’s refusal to participate in Eurovision-2019. He said this in an interview with RIA “Novosti” .

In his opinion, music has always existed in order to please people, and politicians should go about their business.

“What is happening now is bad for the people of Ukraine and for the Russians, these people are brothers, they lived together in harmony,” said Narcissus.

In addition, he expressed the opinion that sooner or later the crisis in Ukraine will come to an end.

– In Africa there is a saying: “When an elephant is fighting, grass suffers.” In this case, the people are grass when there is a political fight, the artist added.

Pierre Narcissus stressed that it is absolutely unimportant what singer where he toured and who will win the competition. The main thing is that art should always unite people.

A day earlier, Life wrote that Ukraine had refused to participate in a music contest after several musicians had said at once that they would not represent the country on the proposed terms. Kiev may refuse to participate in the competition next year , if Sergei Lazarev wins.

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