Priest Shocked by Muslim Worship

Every day, a large number of people of different ages and different professions are becoming followers of Islam all over the world. Each of them has its own history of spiritual quests and insights.

One of such amazing stories of the adoption of Islam by an Orthodox priest occurred in the city of Karaganda (Kazakhstan).

Once, a Muslim ran into an Orthodox church who wanted to hide from heavy rain, and most importantly, he was in a hurry to pray, the time for which was already running out.

In the church, a Muslim saw only one priest, there was no one else in the temple. Upon learning that a person who entered the Orthodox church professed Islam and would like to perform namaz, the priest entered his predicament and decided to help. He led him into a small room where there were no images, crosses and began to watch how a Muslim would pray.

Having performed the prayer, the Muslim turned around and saw a moved priest with tears in his eyes. When asked why he was crying, the priest replied that he had never seen the Lord so diligently and selflessly worship, and this moved him to tears.  

After some time, this Muslim met a priest in a mosque. It turned out that after that incident in the church, when he saw how a Muslim in worship and prayer expresses his humility before God, hedecided to become a Muslim.

There are not many churches in Karaganda, and this person can be found and convinced that this story is true.

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