Princess Haya has moved to London and is preparing to court with her husband

The world continues to follow the fate of Princess Haya , the sixth wife of Emir of Dubai Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum and sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah II. A few days ago it became known that she with children and $ 39 million fled to Germany , where she sought asylum. Now, however, it is reported that Haya moved to London – she settled at her home in Kensington Gardens. Real estate for $ 107 million she acquired a couple of years ago secretly from her husband. On July 30, the High Court in London will consider the case of the divorce of Haya and Mohammed. Sheikh reportedly intends to return the children to his homeland – 11-year-old Al Jalil and 7-year-old Zayed.

According to BBC sources, the princess decided to flee from her husband because she was afraid for her life; as it turned out, she only recently learned all the details of the return of one of the daughters of Dubai’s ruler, Princess Latifa, who tried to leave the country last year, but was caught and is now kept under round-the-clock security.

Haya’s interests in court will be represented by attorney Fiona Shackleton, who was treated by Prince Charles during a divorce from Diana, Prince Andrew during a divorce from Sarah Ferguson, and Paul McCartney when divorced from Heather Mills. Helen Ward will speak on behalf of Sheikh Mohammed. Her career was no less brilliant – she represented Madonna during the divorce from Guy Richie and Bernie Ecclestone during the divorce from her second wife Slavika.

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In the enmity of almost former spouses, Elizabeth II, who is well acquainted with both the family of Haya and the family of Mohammed, may find herself drawn. Moreover, the British Queen met with the sheikh of Dubai just two weeks ago during the Royal Ascot races. Both are passionate fans of the sport and owners of the best horses in the world.

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