Princess of Iraq

If I tell you now that she practically lived to be 100 years old, you probably won’t immediately believe it. However, this was true: she was born in Damascus in 1920 and a few weeks later was supposed to celebrate her centenary. But .. alas, it was not necessary.

Princess Badia was a descendant of the prophet Muhammad and was the granddaughter of sheriff Mecca Hussein bin Ali. The one who, together with Lawrence of Arabia, drove the Turks out of the region, leading an Arab uprising. And then he became the first king of Hijaz (who later went to Saudi Arabia. His son Abdullah I was the first king of what we call Jordan today. Yes, she is a Hashemite and a relative of the Jordanian king Abdullah II. But their common ancestor is Sheriff Mecca For the heroine of my story today is the daughter of the brother of the great-grandfather of the current Jordanian monarch, King Hijaz Ali, and the current Jordanian Hashimites are the descendants of his brother, who was Abdullah I.

I hope I didn’t confuse you very much. Who did not understand: her grandfather is the great-great-grandfather of the King of Jordan, in short.

Her father was supposed to rule Hijaz, but everyone quarreled (Hussein I declared himself a caliph of the entire Arab world, many did not like it) and, as mentioned above, in 1925 the Hijaz went to the Saudis. The family moved to Iraq, where for some time her uncle Faisal I, the brother of her father, was king. Yes, there were more than two brothers. By the way, her father, he died in 1935, when she was about 15 years old):

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And these are cousins ​​Hussein II of Jordan and Faisal II (and the last) Iraqi (grandson of Faisal I).

Born in Damascus, lived with her parents in Mecca until she was 5 years old. And until 1958 – in Iraq. Until July 14, 1958, almost the whole family died at the hands of the conspirators. Including King Faisal, who was then only 23 years old. By the way, he formally became king at age 4 (his father, Gazi, died in a car accident). The regent was his uncle, Badia’s brother. The king was an asthmatic, he was ill a lot.

A coup was staged in Iraq in 1958. He is a revolution. Almost the whole family gathered in the palace: the king was going to get married, this event was celebrated. Badiya with her husband and children miraculously did not fall under the distribution – they were not in the palace at the moment when an attack was launched against him.
For a long time I was looking for a photo of the palace, I barely found this here. This is it before the attack.

This is after, apparently, on the other hand such a view, without towers. It has not survived, but, as I understand it, there are some ruins. There are many onlookers in the photo.
The wife of Uncle Badia’s brother miraculously survived from the whole family in the palace, although she was wounded in the leg: she pretended to be a maid, she was taken to the hospital quickly, until no one knew who she really was.

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The survivors were able to get to the Saudi embassy and it organized their evacuation to Cairo, where the princess’s family lived for several years, and then left for Switzerland and, even later, in London. There is a photo of the plane at the airport, then a lot of people escaped from Baghdad, apparently, not only Hashimites, but also other people who feared for their lives. On this, in fact, her adventures ended, thank God. The usual quiet human life has come. No shocks. But until the last day she mourned those whom she had lost then.

It has become like this. She died in a hospital in London from cancer on Saturday, May 9

And then I will tell about Faisal II separately, he was interesting, sorry …

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