Profession journalist – how to become a journalist and what you need to be able to do

Thinking about being a journalist? Then this article is just for you! We talk about what journalism is like, where to start and what you need to be able to do.

What is journalism like?

How to start writing lyrics?

How to become a journalist?

What is journalism like?
Always dreamed of being a TV presenter? Do you want to write articles and conduct journalistic investigations for the newspaper? Or dream about the post editor of a glossy magazine? All this is a kind of journalism.
Let’s take a closer look at the areas of journalism:

Reporter – experts in this field write articles about events in which they themselves took part or were witnesses of what is happening. This line of journalism is not for the faint of heart, because reporters often have to risk their lives working in hot spots.

The observer describes events and incidents in the world from a third party and without emotional coloring.

Gonzo-journalist – talks about the events from the first person and gives them their own subjective assessment.

The photojournalist talks about the events in the world with the help of photos and with a minimal amount of text.

Commentator – most often this direction is found in sports journalism. Commentators act as a voice-over, they give their assessment of the events taking place.

The presenter of the programs is one of the most difficult areas of journalism. The presenter on radio or television must have a perfect oratory , be stress-resistant, be able to communicate with people , quickly navigate and direct the conversation in the right direction.
An online journalist can blog and talk about any exciting topics.

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How to start writing lyrics?
You feel that journalism is yours, but you do not know where to start? Here are some simple but effective tips:

Start reading a lot. You can not write well if you do not read anything! Reading enriches your speech and vocabulary. But do not limit yourself to classical literature. You need to be aware of events and know how to write now. A good journalist should have a broad outlook. And it will help you a lot in the entrance exams.

Write as much as possible. In any case, practice is needed, no other way. Try to write something every day, thereby filling your hand. Take school essays not as homework, but as an opportunity to show your talent as a journalist and writer. You can keep your blog , or make entries in the diary. The format is not important, the main thing – write!

Many famous writers over the years have written several pages a day. Without reservation on weekends and holidays.

Do not be afraid to imitate. There is nothing wrong with copying the style of popular authors. Even the most famous journalists imitated someone at the beginning of their journey. Over time, you will definitely develop your own unique style of narration.

Try to write fast. Practice writing texts as soon as possible, because good journalists write quickly. You can set yourself a timer and check how much you manage to write in the allotted time. We promise, the more you practice, the faster and better you will write.

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Work on the grammar. A good journalist can not be illiterate!

Be sure to check your texts for errors and typos.

Reveal the main idea at the very beginning of the text. Always give the basic idea at the beginning, so that the reader immediately understands what your material is about.

Show your work. Feel free to show your texts to those you trust. Any journalist needs an objective opinion from the side.

If you doubt the choice of a specialty, pass the test and find out which profession suits you the most.

How to become a journalist?
There are several ways to become a journalist. The first is to get a journalistic education. For admission you will need to pass the main exams and pass a creative competition. Creative tests can be different: most universities ask applicants to write an essay, but there are universities, in which the creative task consists of several tours. Perhaps, besides the essay, you will have to have an interview.

How to pass the first interview.

At the interview, teachers can ask questions that relate to the political, social, cultural life of Russia and foreign countries. You need to know the works written by ancient Russian writers, classics, thoroughly understand the historical facts. In general, you need to start preparing in advance.

It will be a big plus if you provide your portfolio. It should contain information about the work experience in the field of journalism: publications, diplomas, diplomas.

If admission to the institute is not soon, or you do not have the opportunity to go and study for a journalist – do not worry! First, in this area a huge number of successful professionals who do not have specialized education. Secondly, any education in the humanitarian sphere gives you a base: competent speech, a broad outlook, the ability to formulate thoughts on paper.

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Therefore, the second way to become a journalist is to move on to practice and start looking for an internship. Do not be afraid of unpaid internships, they will give you invaluable experience and useful contacts. Find a job in journalism is easy. There are many portals and sites where you can find an internship.

Try to get a place in the school newspaper. Even if you don’t like what you have to write about, it’s still useful experience and material for your portfolio.

Write articles on various topics and send them to local newspapers or Internet portals. Try to get into the small district newspapers, little-known magazines, local TV channels, because this is your opportunity to get acquainted with the profession in practice.

Constantly try to write in different styles and directions. Do not be afraid to write or speak on those topics that no one has yet touched.

Many journalists believe that a person cannot be taught to be a journalist, because it is a way of life, a certain internal state. And how do you think? Is journalism a vocation or can it be learned?

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