Queen of Egypt, cat scent and other truth about cats

“This is an unknown animal. The eyes are emerald, but there is no one to steal. The paws are velvety, but do not stop. Itself is small, and a mustache, like a hero. Sparkle wool tosses, not burns. She has sixteen pockets in which there are sixteen knives, but she will not cut herself. ”

What kind of animal is this? Even a preschooler can guess the riddle of the Czech writer Karel елаapek. It’s a cat!

For the Japanese, a cat is a symbol of eternity , in China it is considered a storm of spirits , in Roman mythology a cat is a symbol of independence , its image was an eternal attribute of the goddess of Liberty, and there was also a cat on the banners of Spartak.

For us, she is the embodiment of comfort and home. So who is it, is it a predatory feline mammal?

It all began in ancient times, about 10,000 years ago, when, as scientists believe, in the Middle East, a wild Libyan cat was domesticated by itself.

For 7.5 centuries BC, these animals were kept in houses in Cyprus. Recently, archaeologists discovered there a grave of the time in which a person was buried with a cat. Prior to this, it was believed that the cats were tamed by the Egyptians.

Egyptians really treat a cat with trepidation. In ancient times, a cat personified there Bastet – the goddess of joy, love and hearth. No Egyptian would dare to touch the sacred animal, and their enemies took advantage of this.

Bastet – the goddess of cats in Egypt

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Cats helped the soldiers of the Persian king Kambis destroy the troops of the pharaoh Psammetikh 5 centuries BC: the Persians simply overshadowed by cats!

If the ancient Egyptians were the first to save cats from fire, then the Europeans in the Middle Ages were the first to throw them into the fire. Rodent catchers were suddenly considered an attribute of warlocks and sorceresses, and Pope Innocent IV ordered that these “fiends of Hell” be destroyed.

But it turned out that cats could save Europe from the plague by simply killing rats. For the hatred of the Pope, the country paid a terrible epidemic.

Some facts about cats
– The average cat lives 15-20 years, distinguishes colors and is well oriented in the dark, and hears and smells much better than a person.

– The cat’s smell is 14 times better than the human, and the auricles rotate independently of each other, so the animal can analyze two sources of sound at the same time.

– The cat touches with a mustache, located not only on the muzzle, but also on the legs and tail. This predator has a remarkable vestibular apparatus, which explains its known ability to group in the air to land on its feet.

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