Quickly leaned back: top 5 games in which prisons held us for 5 minutes

Yes, in games we can also break the law. And what is the punishment that follows? It is true, serving a sentence in places not so remote. True, unlike the real world, where a criminal can be imprisoned until the end of his life, in virtual worlds everything ends much faster.

Sometimes too fast.

Hallow, gays. Glad to see you on my channelGameFans ! In this article I will tell you about five games, the prisons of which detained us for 5 minutes.

Metal gear solid

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Catching Solid Snake was very difficult. This guy is well trained and can handle an entire army, and therefore it was naive to believe that some kind of cage, albeit very strong, would hold him.

Our gallant soldier took advantage of the fact that the guards who were on duty near the door in the cell with Snake were impatient … At this time, you are handed several items that allow you to pretend everything as if the prisoner died … Well, there, he smeared himself with ketchup, he very similar to blood.

Nevermind. The returned guard saw this arbitrariness and, of course, went into the cell to find out what had happened … Snake just needed that.


If you anger the local law enforcers who guard the peace in Tamriel, then no Dragonborn status will help you escape punishment. They will put you behind bars and take away all the loot … True, the guards will still overlook the master key. I wonder where your hero kept it during the search?

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In any case, as soon as you leave the cell, the guards will lose all interest in you. Well, yes, sinning on the local imperfect AI is the last thing, but if you really get to the bottom of prisons, then “Skyrim” in this regard is remembered one of the very first.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

In this game, you will definitely have to be in prison, as it is plot-based. The Pit Escape is designed to teach you how to use several in-game wall-climbing mechanics.

But, damn it, how bad is this Pit to be a place for confinement if it’s so easy to escape from it? It is enough to have at your disposal a couple of pieces of pipe, and the broken wall is already there. And the would-be jailers also forgot to close the grate above you.

The guard of them is like that, in a word.

Planescape: Torment

It seems what could be a better prison than a labyrinth? So the authors of Planescape: Torment thought so too, creating this gloomy location. There are 4 portals along the edge of the labyrinth, passing through which you find yourself on the other edge.

Probably difficult? Perhaps only if you don’t go through the same portal twice. Yes, you just need to walk twice from the middle in one direction (you also have a mini-map) and, voila, you are free.

Far cry 2

Perhaps the most imbecile prison is in Far Cry 2. During the course of the story, your hero finds himself in a kind of cramped cage right under the scorching sun. Instead of a ceiling, there is a lattice, and instead of walls … Hay, or what?

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Otherwise, I cannot describe in any way why the hero was able to stupidly smash a seemingly reliable wall with his foot … Right behind it you will find a machete, well, and then it is a matter of technology to deal with the enemies.

Yes, I understand, this is also a kind of move by the developers, who, according to the plot, decided to shove the player into this cramped room … But, damn it, couldn’t it be possible to make the escape function from it not so primitive?

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