RAMZEs on first salary and the path to esports

Roman RAMZEs Kushnarev ( Just Error carry ) told our colleagues about getting into e-sports. He talked about how much time he devoted to the game and how his career began. RAMZEs was looking for a team on the poker forums, and his first salary was $ 200-250 at the age of 15-16.

Roman RAMZEs Kushnarev : “I can’t say that I was lucky. I devoted too much free time to this. My schedule was this: I woke up and played. I didn’t do anything else, I even ate at the computer. I played non-stop. This continued until the age of seventeen. Then professional Dota 2 started to develop, and I went into it. I think this kind of growth depends on effort. I never aspired to this, I just liked to play. I enjoyed the game, and it started to bring me money

About finding a team on dota forums:

Roman RAMZEs Kushnarev : “I was 15-16 years old, I was sitting on the dotter forums, looking for a team. I thought to try my hand, after all I had a good rating. They found me and took me to the team. There they began to pay $ 200-250. In those years it was a very good sum for me. I stopped taking money from my parents and began to provide for myself, pay for the Internet “

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