Realistic: top 5 games with the most lively open world

Disclaimer: Top is based on my personal opinion. And yes, there may be pop projects here, but do you understand that all this is subjective?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes, yes, “Skyrim” native here takes its rightful place, because Bethesda worked on his world like it did not work on any of its other projects. In general, all parts of the series “The Elder Scrolls” can boast of living worlds, but in “Skyrim”, in my opinion, the development of the environment has reached its climax.

Really, you can spend an unreal number of hours in this world. In addition, mods that only make everything crazier and more varied. Eh, where are my 17 years old with the opportunity to do nothing and devote all the time to toys.

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Gta v

Another pop project, which, however, deserves a place in the collection. Rockstar Games also knows how to work on their games and support projects for many years.

What is the key to success here? Everything is simple, well-developed locations with a bunch of activities, the ability to play online and, of course, support for your favorite mods.

Assassins Creed: Syndicate

I think this part of the game series has been underestimated. Not least because of the great world represented by London from the late 19th century. How detailed it is, how many interesting characters there are! Yes, an ordinary passer-by there may interest you with his style, and there is darkness of them in the British capital!

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Of course, Syndicate had a lot of problems (including technical ones), but, as for me, the game still turned out good. Therefore, if you have not played it yet, then I advise you to catch up!

Sleeping dogs

Another game that everyone has unfairly forgotten. But when I was playing it, I thought: “Duck, here is your legendary killer GTA” … But for some reason it didn’t take off, although “Sleeping Dogs” left a very pleasant impression on me.

And not the least role in this was played by a truly vibrant Hong Kong, which the team of the United Front Games studio realized “in digital”. Now, of course, the world of the game does not seem so modern, especially against the background of the mastodons from “Rockstar”, but at the time of its release, the project was amazing, really.

Red dead redemption 2

I beg your pardon, but I want to end with one more platitude. But all due to the fact that RILI never and nowhere amazed me with its details as much as it did in RDR2. The surrounding locations are divided into several different biomes, which are just a pleasure to travel through.

But it is worth mentioning the settlements separately. Each town is unique, so coolly designed that it seems as if you are in the real Wild West. All NPCs are alive, the number of activities per square meter is off scale, and you don’t get the feeling that the whole world here revolves around Arthur Morgan.

Rather, on the contrary, the same Valentine continues to live after you have completed all your affairs in it. Buildings are gradually being completed, and people … People continue to exist, waiting for you to look at them again for the next quest or just for the sake of conversation.

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And that’s cool.

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