Robert Pattison. The story of the actor from the idol of thirteen-year-old girls to the new Batman

Robert was born in London in 1986. His mother worked for a modeling agency, and his father drove vintage cars from the United States. He also had two sisters. Once Robert admitted that until the age of 12, his sisters dressed him up as a girl and called him Claudia, but at the age of 12 everything changed when Robert moved from a school for boys to a mixed school, and then, as he himself says, became cool and discovered Polish for hair.

School age and theater
Even at school age, Robert became interested in theater. At the age of 15, he was noticed by the Barnes theater group, in which he first played a minor role, then the main role, and in the end he even got his agent.
Robert said that his idol is Jack Nicholson. At the age of 13, he saw the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nicholson’s acting inspired him so much that he dressed in the same clothes as Jack, tried to convey his accent and did everything like him. From that moment on, a piece of Jack Nicholson’s soul seemed to be stuck in Robert.

First movie roles
For the first time in the movie, Robert appeared when he played a supporting role in the film Ring of the Nibelungen. Then he played a cameo in the film Vanity Fair and a year later he became a star.

Cedric Diggory starred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Robert played a young wizard, but in the subsequent parts he did not play, because at the end of the film his hero died. As Robert himself admitted, his favorite sports are billiards and darts, but at the audition for the role of Cedric, he lied and said that he loved football and snowboard. Pattinson was chosen among all those auditioning for the role.

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After Harry Potter
Although Robert did not want to act in big films, preferring independent directors and low-budget films, Harry Potter became the impetus that not only pushed, but directly threw Pattinson into the world of cinema, including independent.

In 2006, Robert stars in Toby Jugg’s Pursuit, where he plays a wheelchair-bound military aircraft pilot who ends up in the hospital and slowly goes insane. A year later, he starred in the film Diary of a Bad Mother, and a year later at the Transitional Age. For his role in Adolescence, Pattinson received the Best Actor Award at the Strasbourg Festival.

Robert’s life changed dramatically when he got the role of the vampire Edward Cullen. There were three thousand candidates for the role and Pattinson was chosen among all of them. After the release of the film, Robert woke up a star. However, he himself later said that he does not like the crowd, he likes solitude, we can say that he is to some extent an introvert. But I had to accept it. Robert once said: “When I think I don’t want to do this and need to quit, I understand that I’ll most likely go to work in a shoe shop, and then I have the motivation to continue working”.

It would seem that Robert played the role of Edward Cullen, he greatly increased his fan base, was recognized by many publications as the breakthrough of the year, but then the conveyor began. Over the next three years, four more films from the Twilight series were released. Then everyone began to associate Robert with Edward, although, as we learned before that, he always wanted to act in independent films, and independent films ensure that you will clearly not be remembered for one role. Despite the fact that he starred in four more films, Robert managed to star in Echoes of the Past, Remember Me, Water for Elephants and Dear Friend. But no one noticed these films, although they were all quite decent films. The audience “awarded” Robert with the stigma of one character, and then he went on a long journey to recognize his acting talent.

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After Twilight
To rehabilitate his career, he had to act only in good films, take only good roles and play only at the peak of his capabilities. Therefore, Robert tried to take only those films in which he plays the main roles. Of course, there were films with secondary roles, but he also played them one hundred percent.

Over the next four years, he starred in Cosmopolis, Rover, Star Chart, Life, Queen of the Desert and The Lost City of Z. But he was fully revealed in the movie Good Time. This film is about a bank robber played by Robert Pattinson. After another robbery, Robert’s character tries to hide from the police, but over time he has less and less chance of escape.

Lighthouse and a couple more good films
In 2019, a film called The Lighthouse is released. This is a real arthouse. This can be at least indicated by the fact that it is filmed by Willem Dafoe, the king of arthouse. What Pattinson and Defoe did is clearly not worth looking at for the faint of heart and especially impressionable. We can only say that Robert then gave his performance, which was noted by many critics and viewers. In the same year, Robert played in the film The King, in which he played the role of Ludovic Guienski. What Pattinson showed in this film is beyond praise. Also in 2019, the film Waiting for the Barbarians was screened at the Venice Film Festival, in which Robert played alongside Johnny Depp and Mark Rylance. This movie is also worth watching for all those who love and hate Pattinson.

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Latest masterpieces
The two most recent films by Robert Pattinson are Christopher Nolan’s Argument and Matt Reeves’ Batman. That in one, that in another film, you can already see from the trailer how Robert plays. His game is beyond praise. He has long grown out of the boy who, in the guise of a vampire, fought werewolves and other vampires. That blush has already left his face, now he plays tough roles, very difficult roles, such that many actors would not agree. One has only to express admiration, looking at his tenacity. Every year he proves more and more that he is no longer Edward Cullen. He is trying to break out of that disguise. But for most viewers, he has long been an independent actor, on whose account there are many good roles. Those who don’t think so seem to have remained at the Twilight level.

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