ROC continues to strip its face

More recently, we wrote about the appearance in the Russian Orthodox Church MP of a new ” Bishop of the Rocket ” – Lieutenant Colonel of the Strategic Rocket Forces Sergey Privalov . Yesterday’s news – the appointment of Konstantin Malofeev as deputy chairman of the World Russian People’s Council (ARNS) should bring even more clarity about where this corporation is moving at full speed, and with it Russia, which, as a part of the train, was imperceptibly hooked to this locomotive.

Recall that the World Russian National Council is the socio-political wing of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, namely the structure through which it actually tries to control the whole so-called “Russian world.” Since all kinds of organizations of Russian political nationalists like the movements ” Russian “, ” Slavic Union “, etc. they were amateur performances with the goal of attracting Russians under their banner, they usually ended with the way in which any “amateur activities” ended in Putin’s Russia — the landing or emigration of their leaders and the routing or total control of the special services of the respective organizations.

In contrast, the ARNS became a project of putting all Russian under the control of the Russian Orthodox Church, which had long turned into a state church. In 2014, this organization adopted the so-called The Declaration of Russian Identity , which made it clear to the dull, such as neopagans (Rodnovers) among Russian nationalists, and even more so to Russian Muslims, Russian Protestants and other “Basurmans” who are “true Russian” and who are not. In it, in particular, it says: “… the assertion that every Russian should recognize Orthodox Christianity as the basis of his national culture is justified and fair. Denial of this fact, and even more so the search for a different religious basis of national culture, indicates a weakening Russian identity, up to its complete loss. ”

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Yarovaya’s laws, the struggle against Russian Muslims, Jehovah’s, Baptists – all this became steps on the path of the ROC’s project to establish complete control over the Russian people and exclude any religious competition within it, which includes both Russian “Gentiles” and attempts to split Orthodox Russian world “, for example, by creating the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine .

Among non-Russian peoples, on the contrary, such projects as the Orthodox Tatars are actively supported while targeting state policy to undermine the Islamic Tatar identity. Moreover, we recall that one of the ideologists, inspirers and gunners of the crusade against Islam in Russia is none other than an ARNS functionary, the director of his Human Rights Center, Roman Silantyev .

Based on the above, for Muslims, the appointment of Konstantin Malofeev as deputy chairman of the ARNS does not fundamentally change anything, if you do not attach special importance to symbolism, because he is the owner of the Tsargrad company , as those who dream of his “reconquest” as Orthodox are called Istanbul. However, this appointment certainly has much to say to the rest of the world. After all, Konstantin Malofeev is the person from whose pocket the activities of paramilitary groups were sponsored during the so-called “Russian spring”, that is, the outbreak of a “hybrid war” in the south-east of Ukraine. Igor Strelkov , Alexey Boroday It was financed precisely from his wallet (we don’t say that they personally, since it is clear that he is only the custodian and manager of the money entrusted to him), as well as numerous “Cossack” formations, the “Russian Orthodox army, etc. .

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The recognition of Malofeev’s “merits” in starting a hybrid war in Ukraine was his inclusion in the EU sanctions list along with other culprits of this bloody bacchanalia. In addition, he managed to get into the field of view of the relevant authorities and the media due to financing through him of the European ultra-right, speculating in the fight against “Islamization” – Marine Le Pen , the Austrian Freedom Party and others.

Actually, the fact that such a person is appointed as the second person in the key public organization of the Russian Orthodox Church and its Russian World is absolutely logical and logical. Indeed, it is precisely such people who are the authors of this doctrine, and personify it as the personification of the spiritual message that the Russian Orthodox Church gives to the world, is not a Christian preaching of love and compassion, but a threat to arrange a nuclear apocalypse .

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