ROC qualifies Muslims of Russia as “sectarians”

While the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Cyril Gundyaev, on behalf of this organization, concludes a cooperation agreement with the World Islamic League (he clearly does not consider the organization of Russian Muslims) in Russia itself, in official documents of the Russian Orthodox Church, Muslims are included in the list of “sectarians” who are obliged to oppose her local parishes.

This clearly follows from the so-called. The plan of anti-sectarian events published recently by the disgraced ROC deacon Andrei Kurayev. As can be seen from the second page of the plan, placed below, the Moscow Islamic Institute, as well as the organizations of Catholics and Jews, are included in the list of “sectarians” along with organizations of Protestants and those who do not recognize the ROC Orthodox.


With regard to the “sects”, it is envisaged, in particular, to prepare and distribute leaflets exposing them, as well as to hold relevant seminars with the parishioners of the ROC churches.

It should be noted in this connection that in Moscow the Russian Orthodox Church for Muslims to convert to Orthodoxy officially operate Missionary Center of Priest Daniil Sysoev , whose base is the Temple of the Apostle of Moscow in Kantemir , which actively invite Orthodox Tatars, Azerbaijanis, Chechens and members of other historically Muslim peoples. 

Of course, no spiritual administration of the Muslims, including those who patronized the newly converted Muslims in the best of times, have no centers for them today and cannot have them. 

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