Romantic anime in which friends fall in love with each other. Part II

1. Parasite

One fine night in a Japanese town began an invasion of aliens referred to as parasites. Unbeknownst to people, parasites entered the human body and took over his brain. Our GG Izumi is just one of those “lucky ones”. To control a person, the parasite must take over the human brain, and it is easier to do this if it gets into a person’s ear, because there the brain is at hand.

So our main character slept in headphones, which is why the parasite decided to get into his hand. But, something obviously went wrong with the parasite, and Izumi, noticing that something was crawling in his hand, pulled his hand with a rag. Now Izumi has an alien in his right hand with whom he needs to get along, but there would be nothing, other parasites attack them …

2. Durarara

The guy Mikado for the time being was an ordinary schoolboy who lived not only that monotonous, but boring in all terms of life. And when he wanted something new, he decided on the advice of a friend to go to Ryr High School.

This school was in an interesting area – there were hooligans, gangs, dealers, etc. Soon Mikado realizes that help is expected from him, so he will have to face difficulties …

3. Little pranksters

Riki Naoe became an orphan as a child, so he was always a loner. But one day he found the very company that attracted him – the Little Pranksters. Because of the name, I think it’s clear what they did.

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Kyosuke was the initiator of all the ideas, because he has an interesting mindset, from where interesting and sometimes exciting ideas come from. But now several years have passed, and Kyosuke realizes that soon their group will break up – the paths of life will diverge, so a plan is needed that will be remembered forever.

4. From the New World

The era of technology almost became fatal for mankind – the complete deforestation and environmental pollution greatly affected the Earth. Soon, people with magical skills called the Cursed Power began to be born on Earth.

They were mostly teenagers who did not know how to control it and could do a lot of things. But still, progress does not stand still – they began to develop special schools for teaching such children.

But if unknown, unexplored genes were found in a child, he was killed. Why and how the birth of a person with the Cursed Power takes place, no one was interested, up to the girl, who nevertheless decided to find out everything, how she put her life in danger.

5.From his side – From her side

Yukino Miyadziava is a wonderful, athletic, intelligent girl. But this is how she is at school – at home she leads the dull, boring life of a crammer. She was the ideal at school until he appeared – Sойтиichiro.

He was a great ideal, but everything converged to one thing – they are hypocrites. But starting to communicate, showing themselves step by step, Sichiro and Yukino fall in love with each other, and a miracle happens …

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