Ronaldo can knock out the playoffs and “Real”, and Messi. But it is unlikely to happen

In the Lisbon Champions League final, is it worth waiting for Manchester City or Bayern, and not for Ronaldo and Messi?

The draw for the 1/4 final of the Champions League took place in Nyon. Here are its results:

Real Madrid (Spain) / Manchester City (England) – Lyon (France) / Juventus (Italy)
Napoli (Italy) / Barcelona (Spain) – Chelsea (England) / ” Bavaria ”(Germany)
“ RB Leipzig ”(Germany) -“ Atletico ”(Spain)
“ Atalanta ”(Italy) -“ PSG ”(France)

We talk about the main facts and intrigues of the quarter finals, as well as who goes to whom in the semifinals.

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How and when to finish the Champions League. Lisbon will host the Final Eight
To begin with, it is worth recalling how the structure of the Champions League playoffs has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In June, UEFA decided to host the Final Eight in August. Quarter-finals and semi-finals, like the finals, will consist of one match, and the mini-tournament will be held in Lisbon. Meetings of the 1/4 finals are scheduled for August 12-15, the 1/2 finals are for August 18-19, and the finals are for August 23.

As for the unplayed return matches of the 1/8 finals, they will be held in the stadiums of the hosts of the pairs, and not in neutral fields. “Barcelona” will take “Napoli” (the first game ended with a score of 1: 1), “Bavaria” will play at home with “Chelsea” (3: 0), “Juventus” – with “Lyon” (0: 1), and “Manchester” City ”- with“ Real ”(2: 1). However, the hosts will not get a real advantage from the game in their arenas: UEFA has announced that fans will not be allowed in the remaining European cup matches of the 2019-2020 season.

PSG open the road to the finals? Rather, Atletico!
As a result of the draw, it turned out that in one of the semi-finals the winners of the RB Leipzig – Atletico and Atalanta – PSG couples would play. The first conclusion: the champions of France were incredibly lucky, who, with Neymar and Kilian Mbappe in the composition, of course, will be the favorites of this quartet. Is the dream of the Qatari owners of the Paris club about the Champions League final to finally come true?

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But in fact, PSG is unlikely to be stronger than the rest. The problem is that the condition of the team of Thomas Tuchel at the time of the quarter-finals of the Champions League will be far from optimal. The French championship for the 2019/20120 season was completed ahead of schedule, and the next championship starts only on August 22. Of course, training and sparring is impossible to compensate for the lack of regular playing practice. By the way, another representative of France in the playoffs of the Champions League is Lyon. True, on July 31 PSG and Lyon should play in the League Cup final, but in any case, the French rivals in the Champions League will be in better shape.

If anyone is a favorite of the quartet, then this is Atletico, who knocked out the current winner of the Liverpool Champions League in the 1/8 finals. Especially the rival of the Spaniards “RB Leizig” will finish the playoffs without Timo Werner sold in Chelsea . Yes, and Atalanta, perhaps not too tough for today’s PSG. The team of Gian Piero Gasperini is incredibly good right now – 11 consecutive wins in all tournaments! Previously, the Parisians met with Serie A representatives in Champions League three times and never won.

Nevertheless, the legend of Russian football Andrei Arshavin has a different opinion about the prospects of the French in the playoffs. In this part of the grid, he puts on “PSG” and “Atletico”.

“It seems to me that one semi-final is already clear. In another part, the lions will collide. The league cup finals will not matter for PSG in preparation for the quarter finals. But better than not playing. They will beat Atalanta, because it is not comparable in class with Parisians. Anyway, another month before the game. Did RB Leipzig drive Tottenham Hotspur? They are only lazy does not drive now. The club has problems. Harry Kane did not participate in the match with the Germans. There is simply no one to score there, ”said Arshavin on Match TV.

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Ronaldo has a chance to win the tournament at home. Guardiola can play with his former team
The attention of most fans, of course, is attracted by the other half of the Champions League playoff grid. Thanks to the draw, the main contenders for the victory in the tournament gathered in it. There is enough intrigue, starting with the fact that one of the two best players in modern football Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to win the Champions League in his homeland.

However, today’s Juventus, it seems, lacks the main thing for winning the Champions League – reliability. The last match against Milan, which the team of Maurizio Sarri lost 2-4, leading in the course of the second half with the score 2-0, once again proved this. The “Old Signore” still needs to play against the “Lyon” in the 1/8 finals of a missed goal in France, but this is still a simpler task because of the lack of practice with the opponent. If Juventus succumb to Lyon, which scored just a point in the group stage in two games against Zenit and barely crawled out into the playoffs, Sarri would probably not avoid a shameful resignation.

I would like to see Ronaldo confrontation with his former team – Real Madrid in the quarterfinals! But Josep Guardiola , apparently, will interrupt the winning streak of Zidane in the Champions League, as it is incredibly difficult to recoup after a home defeat with a score of 1: 2. The absence of fans increases the chances of Real Madrid in England, nevertheless, the most realistic scenario is the semifinal of Manchester City – Juventus. Sarri will have to remember how in the past season he was in Chelsea preparing for games with the Guardiola team. In general, during the entire coaching career, the Italian only once beat the Catalan, having suffered five defeats. It was even 0: 6.

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Bayern already essentially secured their place in the quarterfinals, defeating Chelsea in London. The second leg turned into a formality. Then the German champion, most likely, will play against Barcelona, ​​although the quality of the blue-pomegranate game is such that even Leo Messi , who has a chance to meet Ronaldo in the semifinals, understands that it is hardly worth counting on to win the Champions League. Would pass “Napoli” somehow.

So Arshavin does not see either Ronaldo or Messi in the decisive matches: “It seems to me that the semi-finals will be Atletico – PSG, as well as Manchester City – Bayern. It will turn out like in the Cup of Russia. There is “Ural” – “Khimki”, and in another pair of “Spartak” – “Zenith”, – the former player of the Russian team made an original comparison and forecast.

Guardiola against his former Bayern team is also delicious.

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