Russia has discovered the wrecks of aircraft in 1943 and 1972

Photo: Anatoly Sergeev Vasilev / RIA Novosti
Activists search Association “Aviapoisk” found in the far East of the crash sites of two planes that crashed in 1943 and 1972. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Eastern military district.
Thus, the fall of the Soviet high-speed bomber SB that crashed in 1943, it was found during the search operation at the lake Bolon ‘ in Khabarovsk region. “The plane crashed as a result of collision with another aircraft of the same type”, — stated in the message.

The crew discovered the aircraft — three people were killed. In addition, it was found the elements of parachute systems and clothes of the pilots. At the crash site, the activists installed a memorial plaque.
The second plane — bomber Il-28R — was discovered in the Olga district, Primorye. According to preliminary information, the accident occurred in 1972. Accurate information about the crew and the circumstances of the crash is still under investigation.
Earlier, the us military discovered new fragments of the remains of victims of the crash of the mid-twentieth century in Alaska. Military aircraft C-124 Globemaster, was flying from Washington state to Alaska, crashed into a mountain Gannett near the city of anchorage on 22 November 1952. The accident killed 41 passengers and 11 crew members.
Video, photo All from Russia.

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