Russia will develop a multi-caliber modular weapon for hunters

The Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIItochmash, part of Rostec) received a patent for the invention of modular firearms, in which elements can be changed depending on the tasks, the Institute’s press service told RIA Novosti.

“The development patented by Russian gunsmiths makes it possible to use both different calibers by replacing the barrel, shutter larva and magazine, and various types of lodges due to unification of the mount, also allowing the installation of various triggers.

In addition, reliable basing of all modules located on the frame is ensured, assembly and manufacturing of parts is simplified, ”the Central Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Trade said.

The institute explained that this weapon consists of separate functional elements that allow them to be replaced at the request of the user – when switching to another type of cartridges.

Moreover, the barrel can be replaced without using a special tool.

“The objective of the invention is to improve the ergonomic qualities and operational reliability of modular firearms, in particular, the distribution of functions of the complex central part between individual modules, to eliminate the shortcomings of similar foreign samples,” the press service said.

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