Russian phone with quantum encryption costs 30 million rubles

The Vedomosti newspaper reports that the first telephone with quantum communication protection has been created in Russia – a device called ViPNet QSS Phone.

Specialists from Infotex and the Center for Quantum Technologies at Moscow State University took part in the development of the device.

“ The device is a fixed IP telephone connected to the quantum key distribution client and server. At the expense of the quantum encryption protocol, it encrypts voice traffic between interlocutors so that it is impossible to access it , ”Vedomosti writes.

In quantum systems, single photons are used for data exchange, the states of which irrevocably change as soon as someone tries to steal information. Therefore, any attempt to intercept will immediately be detected and stopped.

True, the use of the new system will initially be limited. The fact is that the basic set of equipment – one server and two phones – costs about 30 million rubles. In addition, data transmission is carried out at a distance of no more than 25 kilometers.

Anyway, the equipment is already shown and offered to test potential customers. It is possible that the system will be adopted by Sberbank

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