Russian World: churches are being built in squares, mosques are being destroyed in houses

While in Yekaterinburg, where there are no problems with the availability and number of churches, the Russian Orthodox Church, contrary to public opinion, is pushing for the construction of another instead of the park popular among the townspeople, even the mosque that existed in the private home of the faithful, the families of Russian Muslims, is demolished in Kaliningrad.

To whom could a mosque interfere in this case? The townspeople, like a new church in Yekaterinburg, are definitely not. According to the lawyer Dagir Khasavov , who is involved in this matter, the decision to demolish is still the same Russian Orthodox Church , which, through the mouth of its Baltic bishop Serafim, took an implacable position regarding the existence of not a mosque, but a Muslim cultural center.

The house in which the mosque was located was the private property of a family of entrepreneurs Arthur and Irina Rusaeva , who issued it for their IP. However, in accordance with the “laws of Spring” in Russia, believers can no longer gather for public prayer meetings in their private homes. Their similar use in this case, as can be seen, can lead not only to the termination of the temple, but also to the demolition of the premises.

These are the realities of Putin’s Russia in 2019 and the position of civil society in it, on the one hand, the Russian Orthodox Church on the other and other religious communities, on the third. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. 

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