Scientists have learned to direct immunity to the fight against cancer


The new method changes the patient’s own immune cells, adds antibodies to them and directs them to fight against malignant tumors. It was called CAR-T therapy. Proteins to which sugar chains were attached acted as targets. As a result of mutations, they increase in size, due to which the tumor itself grows.

Thanks to the new method, the growth of the neoplasm was stopped, while not harming healthy tissues. According to the findings published on the News-Medical portal, tumors were able to infect not only in laboratory mice, but also in humans. And despite the novelty of the new method, scientists see great prospects in it. Previously, “Profile” reported that scientists have found a way to treat cancer with explosions. The bottom line is the ultrasound effect on the tumor.

Thanks to the new method, patients managed to destroy up to 80% of cancer cells.

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