Secrets of the Viking personal life that you might not know about 😏

The Norse Vikings are not at all as cruel, terrible and unwashed as many imagine. At home, they looked after themselves: they washed themselves in a bathhouse, they even had their own soap, combs and combs, and sometimes bleached their hair with lye. At festivities flaunted in colorful expensive clothes brought from raids, thereby showing their wealth. Of course, personal life also had a place to be and it is quite interesting.

Here are some cool facts:

Early marriage
In Viking society, this was a common occurrence and short life span affected this. On average, the Scandinavian of the Viking era lived for about 40 years, so they matured much earlier. For example, a boy at the age of 12 acquired a certain status of a man and could carry cold steel, inherit the estate, and at 14 he could get married. In fact, they could marry girls from 12 years old, but I am inclined to slightly increase this age to 14-16 years, because in the sagas it is mentioned that sometimes girls were not married, because they were “almost children.”

Oh wedding, yes marriage
1. Flight

If the Viking did not marry for a long time because of his preferences, then he was publicly accused and called fuðflogi “the one who flees from female charms” and became a sort of exile in society. And they also blamed the women, calling them flannfluga “the one who flees from male charms.” Therefore, being married was very important, and even better to have children, otherwise …

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2. Divorce

Women could request a divorce if the husband is not too good in bed. Yes, just go and name this reason, and according to the law, the initiator must first come to the family box (symbol of marriage) and say to the witnesses about the desire to divorce, then go to a public place, for example, the leader’s courtyard and again tell people about that the husband is not too good, and then even come to the national meeting (thing) and publicly declare this … I think this left a stigma on the personal life of a man for life.

Sometimes, to get a divorce, women resorted to interesting ways. For example, in the “saga of people from Salmon Valley” Gudrun sewed a shirt for her husband with a large female neckline on his chest. He flaunted her without noticing the fraud, and at that time his wife asked for a divorce because of the “obscene” clothes of her chosen one. They were divorced, and the property was divided. About times, about morals.

3. Adultery

A significant place in the personal life of the Scandinavians was occupied by adventures to the left. Moreover, if a man practiced relations with servants or slaves, then this is the norm, but if with a free woman, a widow or a girl, it was believed that he was fooling her head and that girl’s family could take revenge and demand a virus, in other words, a fine.

Hidden feelings
1. Romance

Yes, the above is amazing, but the way the Scandinavians of the Viking era got acquainted and started a relationship also deserves a separate point. The fact is that future newlyweds have somewhat veiled their courtship. If a woman wants to make a romantic sign and express her sympathy, then she can sew a shirt or pants on her chosen one, in return thereby deserving a bouquet of flowers, which a man will hold on her face. This means that sympathy is mutual.

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2. Euphemisms

But even after marriage, the proposal to “retire to the bed” sounded a bit secretive and also veiled. The Vikings used euphemisms, they say “getting together in bed”, “relaxing together”, “entertaining ourselves”, and the most famous is “brolta a maga”, which means “to swim on her stomach.” Remember for your soul mates;)

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