Shurikens, darts and throwing knives – why aren’t they in Skyrim?

Dovahkiin, is given a wide enough range of weapons to defeat Alduin and the dragons loyal to him. In general, if you decide to become a warrior or a magician, then you shouldn’t complain about the lack of variety.

You can cut enemies with an ax, burn them with fire, or summon a Daedric weapon and collect the souls of the unfortunate, riding on a black horse.

Unless they brought in a halberd, spears and prohibited levitation (according to imperial law), even in the tower of Neloth, not levitation, but a spell of movement.

But thieves and assassins were cheated. Of course, there are bows and daggers (which can be turned into ultimate weapons). But the arsenal of the adepts of Sithis and Nocturnal lacks the throwing weapons that were in Morrowind.

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If anyone does not know, then in Morrowind, it was proposed to use darts, shurikens and throwing knives. In Mournhold, there was even a gang of assassins that used poison darts.

Chitin and glass shurikens

Spears and halberds were not added, most likely because they could not balance them, highlighting them as a unique type of weapon. But why didn’t they add throwing weapons?

In Oblivion, he was not there, because there were problems with the new physics. The game engine did not perceive well flying objects with complex geometry. As a result, the trajectory was calculated very slowly, as can be seen from the falling objects and arrows.

By the time Skyrim came out, the developers had already learned how to handle the physics engine by running it in Fallout 3 (there were grenades). But alas, the assassins did not receive their shurikens and darts, for the most banal reason. Game designers were no longer in time for the deadline and a lot of interesting things went under the knife, from quests and story arcs to game mechanics.

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And after all, with the patches and DLC, they added a lot to the game that did not have time for the release. Even throwing weapons were thrown in the form of spears of the Rieklings, but Dovahkiin uses them as arrows for a bow. It remains only to regret the forgotten weapon of petty dirty tricks.

It would ideally fit the tasks of the Dark Brotherhood (for example, the elimination of the merchant in Whiterun). It was possible to make throwing knives not lethal weapons, but stunning ones, just for the tasks of the Thieves Guild.

I also remember one bow and arrow trick. If you shoot from a bow in stealth mode, the enemy will go in the direction of the arrow falling. This mechanic is not logical, because in reality, the sound of the lowered bowstring is loud enough, and you can throw a knife or shuriken much quieter, but the crash from landing will be stronger.

Fans of the series can only hope that in the sixth part, the developers will pay more attention to weapons and add interesting tools for all classes.

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