Skyrim: 5 things that make this a great RPG and 5 alternatives

Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the most popular RPGs around, but is it the best?

It goes without saying that The Elder Scrolls is one of the most famous RPG franchises. With a total of five core games and many spin-offs, The Elder Scrolls has won many fans over with its incredible worlds and lore. The long wait for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was worth it as the highly anticipated game was highly praised by critics and fans long after its release.

However, over time, the game has become so widespread that many believe it is overrated and many argue that there are much better RPGs out there. With that in mind, here are five reasons why Skyrim is the greatest RPG ever, and five alternatives.

Lore is huge

Lore The Elder Scrolls is incredibly loved by many fans. Since The Elder Scrolls is a franchise that spawns four other RPGs along with a bunch of side games, this makes the Elder Scrolls one of the largest in-game worlds.

Not only does it have the already convoluted lore of the franchise, but Skyrim expands on them significantly. Players get the opportunity to learn about the history and trivia of Skyrim, as well as learn more about previously introduced concepts and ideas such as Dragonborn.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a better story

Although Skyrim’s lore is incredibly extensive, the narrative is incredibly straightforward. Since a dragonborn has no personality, it won’t have much personality, other than what the player adds. The same applies to allies, as they are primarily just companions who follow the Dragonborn everywhere.

This is why some gamers are more fond of The Witcher 3. Not only does it have a lot of lore similar to The Elder Scrolls, but the story is also incredibly engaging with many memorable characters like Geralt who grab attention.

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There is a huge world

Even Skyrim itself is absolutely massive and riddled with content. Every place a player visits in Skyrim has something to offer. Whether it’s a small town or a town like Whiterun, there’s always something to do. Unique quests are a good example.

In other cases, gamers may have quests that take place somewhere on the outskirts. This is absolutely amazing, which leads to a lot of options when it comes to how gamers complete a quest.

Fallout: New Vegas has a more engaging world

While Skyrim is absolutely riddled with extremely good content in its world, it doesn’t have much personality. Another Bethesda game that has been in the minds of the masses is the Fallout series.

Known for its alternate history, where the Cold War turned hot, leading to a nuclear wasteland, the worlds and inhabitants of Fallout are incredibly quirky with a variety of different quests.

Fallout: New Vegas brings the adventure to New Vegas of the same name. Every place in New Vegas has quests that are easy to remember.

A wide variety of NPCs

While this may seem obvious to some, one of the most important parts of Skyrim is the number of NPCs players can interact with. Since Skyrim is so huge, there are over a hundred NPCs waiting to be interacted with. Because of this, he really brings the world to life.

While most of them are just clones with some even common voice actors and lines, they at least make up for this with their unique quest chains and general frivolity.

Persona 5 has an incredibly good NPC system

However, the series that NPCs use very well in games is Persona. But at the moment, Persona 5 is the most recent. There is a concept here called social bonding that allows players to connect with party members.

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This extends to many of the proxies in the game, who also act as NPCs. These confidants give players the ability to use them to complete a bunch of small quests and gain bonuses along the way. As a result, Persona 5 NPCs are more efficient and useful compared to Skyrim’s many companions.

Quests can be taken in completely different directions

An interesting thing that can happen with Skyrim is how unique quest chains exist. While this is not something worth writing about, it’s pretty impressive that many quests are unique. Some are pretty deep, while others are pretty straightforward.

But what makes them the most interesting is that these quests can sometimes have radically different endings depending on the player’s choice. This makes it possible to experience the same quest in a completely new way with each subsequent playthrough of the game. One quest that comes to mind is Companions, where each main objective can branch out into a different set of side quests depending on what the player chooses to finish first.

Xenoblade Chronicles has deep quest chain mechanics

As interesting as Skyrim’s side quests are, some JRPGs handle side quests just as well, if not better. Xenoblade Chronicles is known for absolutely incredible storytelling and addictive mechanics. Using a system called Affinity, players can see the growth of not only their party members, but also the places they visit.

Why is it so important? In addition to rewarding side missions with quest chains and greater intimacy, these quests can provide something that Skyrim didn’t have: an emotional investment. Players are able to connect with the world they protect in a deeper and more intimate way when they see each successful quest improve the community.

You can choose a side

When you first download the game, you are introduced to the classic The Elder Scrolls trope: Prison Begins. During this time, they immediately show that a war is going on, tearing the kingdom in two. At one end is the Empire, and at the other is the Stormcloaks.

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This conflict is a central aspect of Skyrim’s lore, and while it doesn’t get too deep into the main story, politics soon bleeds out. Depending on the choice, whoever wins the civil war, their presence will be more tangible throughout the game world.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses makes you feel like you’re really at war

However, for gamers looking to keep war in the spotlight, Fire Emblem is worth taking a look at. The entire series is known for combat elements, Three Houses in particular is central.

Similar to Skyrim, Fire Emblem: Three Houses lets you choose a side. However, you get the opportunity to see and communicate with everyone in your regiment / class, as well as understand their individual motives, politics and loyalty. This allows the war story to be richer and more personal compared to Skyrim, where war is more of a background event and soldiers are just NPCs waiting for orders.

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