Snowden’s memoirs will be released on Constitution Day


In the book “Personal file”, an ex-CIA agent described how he uncovered an international conspiracy.
The memoirs of the former CIA and NSA officer Edward Snowden will go on sale on US Constitution Day – September 17. Macmillan Publishers announced the release of the book.

“ He (Edward Snowden. – Comment. Life ) will first talk about how he created the mass surveillance system, and then tried to destroy it, ” the Facebook page says .

Snowden confirmed on Twitter the release of his memories. According to him, in the book “Personal file” (Permanent Record), he told how he uncovered an international conspiracy.

Recall that in 2013, Snowden handed over to the secret materials to journalists about programs for tracking intelligence services of the United States and Britain on the Internet. Russia granted him asylum on its territory. During his life in the Russian Federation, Snowden learned to speak Russian well .

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