Social networks ambiguously reacted to the adoption of Islam by a famous Russian actor

The opinions of users of the Russian segment of the Facebook social network were divided regarding the adoption of Islam by Russian actor Sergei Romanovich.

Sergey became a Muslim five ice ago. This step was preceded by a long study of Islamic doctrine. According to the actor, the relatives initially sounded the alarm, fearing that he was the victim of extremist recruiters. However, over time, the family realized that Sergey’s decision was conscious, and there was nothing wrong with that. In his Instagram, Sergey often philosophizes on religion, family and marriage. The actor is married, and in one of the posts admitted that he dreams of becoming a father.

Some commentators on social networks criticized the decision of the 25-year-old actor, calling him a “traitor”. Some of the bloggers believe that Sergei became a Muslim, following a certain fashion, and his act, they say, is PR, and he will change more than one religion.

Alla Golubeva believes that changing religion is a sinful act: “For me personally, changing faith is a sin!

If a person consciously comes to a choice without having any faith, then this is one question, if the Orthodox Christian becomes a Muslim and vice versa (Jew, Buddhist, etc.) and vice versa! It makes me think … “.

Natalia Aerova also believes : “He betrayed his faith, and so Islam will exchange for something more fashionable. a suggestible person who does not have an opinion and a head. ”

“Boys of 18-19 years in Chechen did not refuse our faith under pain of death !!! And this …… Eeeh …. ”, – points out Julia Kuriganova .

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At the same time, there were many people who supported the cinema worker. In their opinion, everyone is free to choose their faith, and there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that Sergey converted to Islam.

“Everyone has the right to choose the religion that he considers suitable for him …. I at least did not see the imams drunk at the wheel of Cayenne or Landcruiser ….. But whoever writes the headlines urgently to school !!! … “, – writes Andrey Prilous , whose comment scored over 150 likes.

This opinion is shared by Alexander Karazhelez : “Everyone makes their choice, including in determining their religion! I hope Sergey’s choice is deliberate. There are no bad religions or denominations – there are unworthy and insidious people … ” (comment “like” about 400 times).

Sergey Rakhmanov is sure that the actor’s decision is sincere and deliberate: “Well done. This is his conscious choice. I don’t understand why this attention was paid to it at all, as if he made an incredible discovery or became a criminal. ”

Christian Isabelle Vazagova criticized those who believe that all Muslims are terrorists: “But what, Muslims are all terrorists? Wait a minute, Christians are all saints ??? I am a Christian, but a good person can be in any religion. ”

Victoria Mileshina also stood up for the actor : “Why is he a fool, why insult a person, Islam is the same faith as any other. He has his own choice. And if I have a neighbor, friend, acquaintance professes Islam, they need to be exterminated ?? Who writes such comments themselves aren’t morons themselves? ”

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Elena Porunova believes that accepting Islam as an actor has an undeniable blessing: “This is his business and his choice. Islam does not mean terrorism. And they haven’t written about a mufti that they drove a car drunk. And our Orthodox have already lit up more than once. ”

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