Sociologist: The construction of a mosque is suspended in Samara – ashamed

Last week, a public hearing was held in Samara to discuss an important question for Muslims in the city: will a mosque be built in the village of Mekhzavod? Unfortunately, the results of the hearings for the Muslim community are disappointing – the construction of the long-awaited mosque is postponed indefinitely.

The arguments that Mufti Talip-Hazrat Yarullin, the imam of the mosque in Zubchaninovka Rasif-Hazrat, chairman of the Muslim society of the Krasnoglinsky region, Ildar Minakhmetov, ignored, were ignored by the majority of those present.

Arguing the need for the construction of a mosque, the mufti explained that the religious association of Muslims at Mehzavod was founded in 1997. The room where the juma prayer is held, the holiday prayer is not at all adapted, since it is located in the basement of a residential building, which is inconvenient for both parishioners and residents. The administration has already several times allocated land for the construction of a mosque, but the matter has not progressed further than public hearings, because the residents of the district are categorically against the construction of a Muslim temple.

The mufti also noted that Muslims who belong to different nationalities have been living in Samara for a long time, “are full citizens” and want to listen to their requests to build a mosque.

The fact that the issue concerns not only the construction of a particular mosque in the Mehzavod village, but also the possibility of the Muslims of Samara to attend the service, while not spending much time on the road due to the long distance to the nearest church, the imam of the village of Zubchaninovka Rasif-Hazrat emphasized. 

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The sociologist saw in the incident an infringement of the rights of Russian Muslims. “I am ashamed of the current state of affairs when Muslims are forced to travel long distances. Absolutely unequal situation, ” progorodsamara quotes the bewilderment of Professor Natalia Mukhametshina .

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