Soup and porridge instead of crabs. It became known what ate Tsepovyaz in Khabarovsk SIZO

The employees of the detention center note that the transfers to the prisoner from the will were the same and even more modest than the others.
A gang member convicted for 20 years, Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, a member of the gang, ate in the Khabarovsk pre-trial detention center, as usual prisoners, and sometimes more modestly. Reports about it ” Komsomolskaya Pravda “.

As told to the edition in a pre-trial detention center, Tsepovyaz was sitting alone in an ordinary double chamber. A newspaper was found on his desk, and he ate just like ordinary prisoners.

His diet included soup, porridge with meat and jelly. At the same time, prisoners have the opportunity to buy something for themselves in the online store.

Modest were the parcels of Tsepovyaz in the SIZO. Employees of the detention center note that sometimes local residents could afford more than the infamous crabs lover.

Recall Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2013. At the same time, he gained notoriety after the pictures were published on the web, which show the conditions in which it is contained. It turned out that Tsepovyz was eating crabs and kebabs in prison, and in the colony he had his own garden, apiary and souls.

Earlier, Life reported that Tsepovyaz was sent from a Khabarovsk SIZO to a colony, while it is unknown where she is.

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