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The first part of the movie “Spawn” was released in 1997. Its creators have done everything possible to release a really interesting film, based on comics about a special agent who has risen from hell. In the second half of 2019, a new story about El Simmons will be released, which later became Spawn.
It should be noted that this will not be a continuation of the film released in the 90s, but its reboot. The film will have its own unique storyline and will tell viewers about the other adventures of the main character.

The plot of the movie “Spawn 2”
Special agent Al Simmons, who used to work in the special services, is dying because of the betrayal of his colleagues. He went to hell, because with so many crimes behind his shoulders (even if we take into account the fact that they were done for the benefit of people), it’s simply unreal to go to heaven. In hell, El met the demon Melbolgia and soon made a deal with him. The former operative was able to go back to Earth. But the price is quite high. The main character was left without a soul and became something like the messenger of hell on our planet. Simmons gets incredible supernatural abilities and simply enormous power. He manages to get all this with the help of a special live costume. Now his name is Spawn, he can’t be killed. And he must begin to prepare the planet for a very cruel End of the World, as the demon told him.

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But at the same time, there is still a bit of humanity in the special agent and Spawn is trying with all his strength to resist the demon, who is his master. One by one, he destroys criminals and at the same time fights against supernatural beings.

An interesting fact is that in the new movie the main character is a detective from New York named Twitch Williams. He is a great investigator and very accurate shooter. Together with Spawn, they can destroy any threat and resist evil.

Director and filming
The director and screenwriter of the new part of “Spawn” is Todd McFarlane. He independently invented this rather gloomy character who sold his demon soul. Something he may even be a bit like Hellboy. It is worth noting that McFarlane was also engaged in filming of the TV series about Spider-Man and the film Venom.

The director promised the audience that there would be a minimum of digital special effects in the film. In most cases, different interesting tricks will be used, as well as modern technology. If you believe his words, then the audience will see something quite original.

To date, only two actors are officially confirmed.

· Jeremy Renner, who will play Twitch Williams. The actor became famous thanks to the “Avengers” and the movie “Love comes to the executioner.”

· Jamie Fox, who will play Spawn. Many people know this talented actor through such films as Django Unchained and Ray.

Interesting facts about the new product
Surely the audience will be interested in the following facts.

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· The first comic about Superhero Spawn, who wears a living symbiote costume, appeared back in 1992. He quickly became popular, was released every year, and a couple of years later he was included in the list of the best comics about superheroes.

· The character after the release of comics and the movie became so famous that after some time the animated series was also released.

· In 1997, Spawn played Michael J. White, which many viewers will be able to recall from such films as Tyson, Universal Soldier and others.

New “Spawn 2” will appear on the screens in 2019. So far, the exact date of the premiere has not been voiced. The creators have not even released a trailer, but soon everything will probably be known. In addition, the filmmakers do not say what other actors will take part in the filming. Millions of people are eagerly waiting for the release, because, most likely, the film work will be quite original and incredibly interesting.

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